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CheckMark Payroll Testimonials

What Our Customers are Saying

When I was a junior in college I wanted to help my parents business with their accounting so I decided to set up a computerized system including payroll. We chose Checkmark Payroll because of its ease of use and affordability as we only had 6 employees at the time. I now use it to help out my husbands small plumbing business as well as my church's payroll! I will never again do payroll by hand!

Liz, PA

I began with extensive knowledge of operations, yet no concept of finance, accounting, payroll, etc. I struggled for 2 years calculating payroll on an Excel spreadsheet over many long hours. When I purchased CheckMark Payroll, I was so astonished of how easy payroll could be. What once took me 2 hours per week + 8 hours per months, I can now complete in 20 minutes per week & 20 more per month.

Joseph, GA

Being a Small Business with under 15 employees most payroll systems are overkill and OVER EXPENSIVE for what I need. I was frustrated with "hand figuring" everything and doing payroll via a spreadsheet template so I did a web search and discovered Checkmark in 2011 and I've never looked back. It's simple yet detailed. Great for record keeping and review of past payrolls and employee records!

Sheila, IL

We use Checkmark Payroll. It has made payroll smooth, and calculating the quarterly tax returns a breeze!

Eris, SD

I use Checkmark Payroll. Your software has been a wonderful alternative to Quickbooks payroll. It allows me to save my clients a lot of money and not only is it easy to use, but it allows for importing all the payroll data into Quickbooks. This is again saves time and money.


I use MultiLedger and Payroll for Mac. I'm a bookkeeper. I use if for my customers. It has helped my business grow over the past 26 years with the ease of use.

Shona, CA

We have loved the payroll software. We did not want to outsource our payroll. Every company we called wanted to upsell us and add their services / or charge a fee per employee even though we were doing all the work. When I contacted Checkmark (off a recommendation), I was helped easily and got what I wanted without any other sales pitches. We are so happy we even added the 1095 software.


The software is simple to use and gives us all the information we need. We can quickly access any information we may need. Our Company does payroll for many other companies and this is a very easy system to learn and use

Gail, NC

The previous owner did the payroll by hand... I love that I plug in a few numbers and my paychecks and reports are just a button away! Thank you!

Marianne, IL

Prior to CheckMark our company was outsourcing our payroll, and now we don't have to do that anymore. Payroll has saved us time and money by making it so easy for me to create and submit payroll all the while knowing I can trust the taxes withheld for my specific state! Also, the software makes it easy for me to create and submit my quarterly and annual reports.

Kristina, MN