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Best Payroll Software for Restaurants.

CheckMark Payroll Software is the easiest and most affordable payroll software for restaurants, bars, breweries, and tip-based businesses.

  • Do-it-yourself restaurant payroll software
  • Add unlimited locations and employees
  • Run unlimited payrolls at no extra charge
  • Fast ACH direct deposit & MICR check printing
  • US-based payroll support – chat, email, and phone
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Payroll for Restaurants, Simplified

As a restaurant owner, you have a lot to manage, from shift changes to multiple locations and different job types. With tips and legal requirements thrown into the mix, it can feel like there are not even enough hours in the day to get everything done.

CheckMark Payroll Software for restaurants is the perfect solution to streamline your payroll process and reduce costs. Our software makes managing tipped wages a breeze by accurately calculating and tracking them, making it easy to handle payroll for your servers and other tipped employees. Adding new employees to the system is also simple and straightforward.

With our easy-to-use payroll software, you can focus on growing your small business instead of worrying about the headaches of payroll. Say goodbye to the stress of payroll and hello to more time for what you do best. Switch to CheckMark Payroll Software today and experience the difference.

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Three Steps to Simplify Your Payroll

1 payroll hours

Enter Hours

Add payroll hours, select pay period dates, and pay date.
2 calculate payroll

Calculate Payroll

Review and calculate payroll for your employees.
3 pay employees

Pay Employees

Print checks or pay online via ACH direct deposit.

Enterprise-Grade Features for Your Businesses

payroll unlimited locations

Manage Unlimited Locations

Whether you have one or multiple locations, our software enables you to manage payroll from a single platform.

unlimited payroll restaurant

Run Unlimited Payrolls

Run any number of payrolls regardless of the number of employees or pay periods without worrying about extra charges.

payroll unlimited employees

Add Unlimited Employees

Add any number of hourly or salaried employees. No restrictions, just seamless scalability for your growing business needs.

payroll multiple payperiods

Multiple Pay Periods

Set up and customize multiple pay periods to manage your payroll for different employee groups or departments.

payroll multiple payrates

Multiple Pay Rates

Set up multiple pay rates for different types of work whether it's hourly, salary, or commission-based pay.

payroll income deductions

Incomes & Deductions

Customize employee incomes and deductions to fit your needs while ensuring your payroll meets all legal requirements.

payroll micr check and ach pay

MICR Check or ACH Payments

Pay your employees quickly, easily, and securely with MICR-encoded printed checks or ACH direct deposit, saving you time and money.

payroll department jobs

Departments and Jobs

Organize your staff by departments and jobs, making it easy to track expenses and generate reports.

payroll usbased support

US-Based Payroll Support

Our dedicated support team is here to answer any questions you may have and ensure that your payroll runs smoothly.

payroll detail report

Detailed Payroll Reports

Generate 50+ reports of your payroll, providing you with valuable insights to optimize your business operations.

payroll hassle free tax payment

Hassle-Free Tax Payments

Easily manage, calculate, and pay employer-related payments including Federal taxes, Social Security, 940 FUTA, SUTA, etc.

payroll simple data export

Simple Data Export

Easily export your payroll data to CheckMark MultiLedger, QuickBooks®, and many other accounting software.

Why Restaurateurs Love CheckMark

Save Time: Automate your payroll and focus on growing your business.

Save Money: Reduce payroll costs, minimize errors, and avoid costly penalties.

Happy Employees: Improve employee morale with accurate and timely payments.

100% Accuracy: Eliminate the risk of errors and ensure accurate payroll calculations.

Simplified Compliance: Stay up-to-date with IRS tax laws and regulations.

Streamline Payroll: Manage your restaurant payroll with ease and confidence.

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What CheckMark Customers Says

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Best payroll software for restaurant business...

CheckMark is hands down the best payroll software I've ever used for my business. It's incredibly powerful and feature-rich, yet still easy to use and navigate. I appreciate the level of customization available for my business, as well as the variety of reports that I can generate. The customer support team is outstanding, and always available to help with any questions. I can't imagine running my business without CheckMark.

Shaun, California

inverted commas CheckMark Payroll Software

Simplified our payroll process...

I've been using CheckMark Payroll for my business for several years now, and I'm impressed with its customization capabilities. The software is robust and allows me to easily manage employees, their tipped wages, and year-end taxes, without any major issues. It has simplified our payroll process and we are happy that our employees are paid accurately and on time. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with CheckMark and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Becky, Massachusetts

Transform Your Business with CheckMark

payroll time attendance

Time & Attendance

From scheduling and tracking hours to approving and importing hours into payroll software, CheckMark Time and Attendance Solution is tailored to fit every business, big or small.
Learn More
payroll hr solutions

HR Solutions

Get unlimited access to comprehensive HR tools, documents, and on-demand support from the industry’s best team of certified HR professionals via live phone call, email, or online chat.
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accounts clod backup

Cloud Backup

Easily back up your sensitive payroll data directly from the CheckMark Payroll Software to the Cloud at an exceptionally low cost. Restore files 24/7 and get up and running again in a short time.
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Payroll Software FAQs

Choosing the right software is essential for managing your payroll accurately, on time, and in compliance with tax regulations. When selecting payroll software, consider these key factors

  • Features tailored for restaurants, like calculating tipped wages and support for multiple pay rates and pay frequencies.
  • Integration with other systems you use, such as accounting or timekeeping systems.
  • User-friendliness, with an intuitive interface and no need for extensive training.
  • Cost-effectiveness, including any fees and good value for your budget.
  • Customer support, including phone and email support and online resources.
  • Compliance with the latest payroll tax regulations.
  • Security features, such as encryption and user restrictions to prevent unauthorized access.
  • User reviews on independent sites like Capterra, GetApp, or G2.

Payroll software is essential for streamlining payroll and ensuring timely, accurate payments to the staff. Here are some reasons:

  • Accuracy: Calculates wages and taxes accurately, reducing errors and potential penalties.
  • Time-saving: Automates payroll tasks, saving time and reducing workload.
  • Compliance: Helps you comply with payroll tax regulations by calculating and withholding taxes, filing forms, and paying on time.
  • Cost-effective: Reduces costs by eliminating manual calculations and reducing the risk of errors.
  • Improved employee experience: Ensures accurate and timely payments, improving morale and job satisfaction.
  • Enhanced reporting: Generates detailed reports, optimizing staffing levels and costs.

A tipped employee in the restaurant industry is one who receives tips from customers as part of their job, such as servers, waiters, bartenders, and food delivery drivers. Their base wage is lower than non-tipped employees, with tips making up the difference. To qualify as a tipped employee under US law, they must receive more than $30 per month in tips. Employers can pay tipped employees a lower cash wage as long as their tips bring their earnings up to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Proper classification and compliance with wage and hour rules are important for avoiding legal issues and penalties.

A tip is an additional amount of money given by a customer to an employee. This can include cash left on the table, tips added to electronic payments, and shared tip arrangements. However, payments such as automatic service charges and non-monetary gifts are not considered tips. The amount of a tip can vary based on factors such as service quality and cultural customs. Employers must properly track and report tips to comply with tax laws and regulations. Tips must be voluntary and not coerced by employers.

According to US laws, tips are considered taxable income and must be included in the employee's gross income for tax purposes. It is the responsibility of the employers to report tips to the IRS and withhold payroll taxes. Employees must report all tips received to their employer and on their annual income tax return. It's important for employees to keep accurate records of all tips to avoid potential issues with the IRS. Some jurisdictions may require employers to pay payroll taxes on expected tips, known as a "tip credit."

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) allows employers to pay lower hourly wages to their tipped employees, as long as the tips bring their total earnings up to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. The federal minimum wage for tipped employees is currently $2.13 per hour, but some states have higher requirements. If tips do not meet the minimum wage, the employer must make up the difference. Employers must accurately track and report all tips received and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

For example, if an employee works for 1 hour and receives $5 in tips, the employer may pay them a base wage of $2.13 per hour, bringing their total earnings to $7.13. This is still less than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, so the employer would be required to pay the employee an additional $0.12 per hour to meet the minimum wage requirement.

Tip pooling and tip sharing are methods for distributing tips among restaurant staff, but they have important differences. Tip pooling is mandatory and organized by the employer, where tips are collected and distributed among a designated group of employees. Tip sharing is voluntary and initiated by employees who choose to share their tips with others. Tip pooling is subject to rules and regulations, while tip sharing is not. Both methods can be effective, but employers and employees must comply with applicable rules and regulations.

Our software is an affordable in-house payroll system that offers a range of features to help streamline the payroll process efficiently and accurately for your business. One of the benefits of using our software is that it allows unlimited companies, employees, and payrolls for one flat annual fee, which can be a cost-effective solution for small businesses.

CheckMark offers two payroll plans: CheckMark Payroll Pro is priced at $549 and CheckMark Payroll Pro+ is priced at $619. It's important to note that there are no extra costs or hidden fees with either plan, so you can budget for your payroll expenses with confidence.

Both CheckMark Payroll Pro and CheckMark Payroll Pro+ offer a range of features, including the ability to process ACH direct deposit payments, file payroll tax forms electronically, and generate reports on employee earnings and deductions.

Our software is used by several types of small to mid-sized businesses that have in-house payroll processing needs. Some of the businesses that use our software include restaurants, bars, breweries, catering, hotels, fast food, coffee shops, food trucks, fine dining, casual dining, bakeries, pizzerias, juice bars, ice cream shops, delis, etc.

Overall, our software can be a good option for any of these businesses that need to process payroll in-house and want a user-friendly, affordable solution. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, even for business owners or managers who may not have extensive payroll or accounting experience.

Our software is designed to be used by businesses of all sizes, whether you have 2 employees or 2000. Our software allows you to enter unlimited employees and companies. While CheckMark Payroll is used by businesses of all sizes, it is quite profitable for small and mid-size businesses that have limited budgets.

In addition, CheckMark Payroll's flat annual fee structure allows businesses to process unlimited companies, employees, and payrolls without incurring additional costs, which can be an advantage for businesses that are growing or have fluctuating payroll needs.

With CheckMark Payroll, you can run payroll as many times per month as you need to. This flexibility is useful for businesses that have employees with different pay schedules or pay frequencies, such as salaried employees, hourly employees, or employees who are paid on commission.

CheckMark provides businesses with flexible and convenient options for paying their employees, whether they prefer to use traditional check printing or direct deposit.

If you choose MICR check printing, the software allows you to print checks on blank or pre-printed check stock, and you can customize the checks with your business's logo and information.

If you prefer to use ACH direct deposit, our software allows you to set up and manage ACH direct deposit payments for your employees. The software generates direct deposit files that can be uploaded to your bank or financial institution.

There are no extra fees or hidden costs for using ACH Direct Deposit and MICR encoded check printing. These features are included in the actual price of our software, so you can take advantage of them without worrying about additional expenses. In addition, CheckMark Payroll includes free patch updates and technical support for one year from the date of purchase.

Yes. Our software is available in all 50 states of the USA. Restaurant businesses need to choose a payroll provider that supports the states where they operate and can handle specific payroll requirements of their industry. With CheckMark Payroll Software's nationwide coverage, Restaurateurs can be confident that they have access to a comprehensive payroll solution that will help them manage payroll efficiently and effectively.

Our software can lead to cost savings due to its ability to automate small business payroll processes, ensure timely payments to employees, and accurately file tax reports for one low annual fee. By implementing our software, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars in the long run, regardless of the number of companies and employees you have.

Take Control of Your Restaurant Payroll

Desktop payroll software designed and built for restaurants, bars, breweries, and tip-based businesses.

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