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Change Log

Please note: You need to have version 20.0.0 or later of CheckMark Payroll already installed to run the latest patch.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.9 for 2020

  • Updated Form 941 for 3rd Quarter

Changes in Payroll 20.0.8 for 2020

  • Fixed page 3 of the 941 form to auto fill the company name and FEIN #.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.7 for 2020

  • New 941 form for 2nd Quarter 2020 with changes for COVID-19 reporting.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.6 for 2020

  • Fixed AR State calculation issue.
  • Updated Form 941 for 2020.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.5 for 2020

  • Form 941 for 2020.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.4 for 2020

  • Fixed federal tax calculation with 2020 W4 and additional federal withholding.
  • CO and ND - Added 2019 tax tables for states that are allowing employees to choose either 2019 or 2020 tax withholding.
    Note: 2019 tax tables allow employees to continue using allowances, while 2020 does not use allowances.
  • Added ND Head of Household tax table for 2020.
  • Updated tax tables for AR.
  • Fixed intermittent issues with accrued hours.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.3 for 2020

  • Corrected federal tax calculation for employees who were setup on a 2020 W4 and claimed dependents on Step 3. When the check was created, the net was incorrect and a negative amount showed in federal withholding.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.2 for 2020

  • Updated Federal taxes for 2020.
  • State Tax Values Updated for ME, NJ, NM, VT, MA, RI .
  • State Unemployment Maximums updated for NC, IL, AK, CO, ID, HI and RI.
  • Mac Only - Rounding on Accrued Hours.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.1 for 2020

  • Option to set a separate check number sequence for Employer Payments.
  • Option to set employer match maximum (example- IRA cannot match more than employee contribution).
  • Option to exclude exempt income from a match such as a 401k.
  • Option to set % for direct deposits.
  • Ability to have more than 5 employer payees in one payment.
  • Ability to export/import Employer Payees.
  • Federal taxes updated.
  • Various State taxes and parameters are updated.
  • Deduction parameters updated.

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