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Note: If you do not own Payroll 2020 but own Payroll 2019 you will need to purchase the Payroll 2020 Update to be current. If you do not own Payroll you can download a trial here or purchase Payroll 2020 here.

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Change Log

Please note: You need to have version 20.0.0 or later of CheckMark Payroll already installed to run the latest patch.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.6 for 2020

  • Fixed AR State calculation issue.
  • Updated Form 941 for 2020.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.5 for 2020

  • Form 941 for 2020.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.4 for 2020

  • Fixed federal tax calculation with 2020 W4 and additional federal withholding.
  • CO and ND - Added 2019 tax tables for states that are allowing employees to choose either 2019 or 2020 tax withholding.
    Note: 2019 tax tables allow employees to continue using allowances, while 2020 does not use allowances.
  • Added ND Head of Household tax table for 2020.
  • Updated tax tables for AR.
  • Fixed intermittent issues with accrued hours.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.3 for 2020

  • Corrected federal tax calculation for employees who were setup on a 2020 W4 and claimed dependents on Step 3. When the check was created, the net was incorrect and a negative amount showed in federal withholding.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.2 for 2020

  • Updated Federal taxes for 2020.
  • State Tax Values Updated for ME, NJ, NM, VT, MA, RI .
  • State Unemployment Maximums updated for NC, IL, AK, CO, ID, HI and RI.
  • Mac Only - Rounding on Accrued Hours.

Changes in Payroll 20.0.1 for 2020

  • Option to set a separate check number sequence for Employer Payments.
  • Option to set employer match maximum (example- IRA cannot match more than employee contribution).
  • Option to exclude exempt income from a match such as a 401k.
  • Option to set % for direct deposits.
  • Ability to have more than 5 employer payees in one payment.
  • Ability to export/import Employer Payees.
  • Federal taxes updated.
  • Various State taxes and parameters are updated.
  • Deduction parameters updated.

Please note: You need to have version 19.0.0 or later of CheckMark Payroll already installed to run the latest patch.

Changes in Payroll 19.0.13 for 2019

  • Fixes the problem with the last digit being cut-off on a large number on Form 941 (line 13) and 944 (line 10).

Changes in Payroll 19.0.12 for 2019

  • Added EFW2 format for HI.

Changes in Payroll 19.0.11 for 2019

  • Updated 940 and 940 Schedule A forms for 2019 tax year reporting.

Changes in Payroll 19.0.10 for 2019

  • Form 943 for 2019.
  • Form 944 for 2019.
  • Form 941 – corrected an issue on the Form 941 involving employees where a mid-year setup was done and an employee reached the Social Security maximum of $132,900.
  • Fixed minor issue when loading NYC tax tables.
  • Fixed minor issue for a mid-year setup on the Earning Register report for the state.

Changes in Payroll 19.0.9 for 2019

  • 2019 W2 / W3 Forms.
  • Fixed the Tax Summary – Annual Report – XLS format.
  • MN taxes updated.
  • VA taxes updated.
  • Fixed rounding problems on accrued hours – Windows only.

Changes in Payroll 19.0.8 for 2019

  • Fixed the import of Social Security numbers on employee import.
  • Fixed the accrued hours problems with accruals stopping correctly at the maximums.
  • ID State tax table changes & a note to all ID employers to have employees fill out the new ID w4 form for this year.

Changes in Payroll 19.0.7 for 2019

  • If you check ‘Round to Nearest Dollar’ in the State Tax Values, it will be retained, even if the tables are updated.
  • Updated the NY MMREF file for New York’s quarterly electronic filing.

Changes in Payroll 19.0.6 for 2019

  • Updated URL links in the program directing you to CheckMark’s new website.

Changes in Payroll 19.0.5 for 2019

  • Updated 941 form for 2019 tax year reporting.
  • Fixed exemption total calculation based on the # of allowances for CO.
  • Fixed MO state tax calculation.
  • Fixed Direct Deposit issue in Employer Payments.
  • Fixed Direct Deposit issue when creating an ACH file.
  • Fixed crashing when Voiding or Deleting Paychecks.

Changes in Payroll 19.0.4 for 2019

  • Updated 941 form for 2019 tax year reporting.
  • Fixed exemption total calculation based on the # of allowances for CO state.
  • Fixed MO State tax calculation issue.

Changes in Payroll 19.0.3 for 2019

  • Resolved Cloud Backup issue on Windows computers.

Changes in Payroll 19.0.2 for 2019

  • Fixed OR State tax calculation issue.
  • Installer issue on the Full installer.

Changes in Payroll 19.0.1 for 2019

  • On Calculate pay window, added new field to add all incomes and gives a total for Gross Wages below that section of the window.
  • Added the ability to import hours by department into the Distribute Hours window.
  • Added option to show Employer Match on paycheck stub.
  • Added column on Additional Income Report to show 'quantity' for number of miles with mileage or number of pieces for piecework.
  • Option to Print Multiple reports at once instead of having to go to the individual reports and printing one at a time.
  • Added the ability to create “Employer” checks in January of the next calendar year, based on taxes from the current calendar year.
  • Updated Accrued Hours to allow for a carry-over date to be defined by the employer.
  • 401k, 403b, 457b, NJDI, NJFLI, Roth 401K, Roth 403b, SIMPLE IRA, UI/WF/SWF/HC - maximums updated.
  • Various State and Local taxes updated.
  • Various SUTA maximums updated.
  • Mileage Amount per Mile rate updated.
  • Added below pre-set list for Deductions.
  1. OR WBF Tax
  2. OR-TriMet
  3. OR-LTD
  4. OR-StTransit

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