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CheckMark Payroll Reviews

What Our Customers are Saying

The payroll program helps us to do payroll for our clients and to make sure the taxes are correct and paid on time. It also helps us file the quarterly and annual reports. Works very well

Ranon D Beasley, Saint George

Your program is easy to use and we love it. Please don't ever lose the capability to download to Tenant-Pro we are hanging on to that. Your support team is great and friendly.

Michael Askotzky, Milwaukee

Great Customer Service, always there to help you're problems. Will Highly recommend them,

Heike, Grove

I have been with CheckMark for as long as I can remember and I have never had a problem with my Payroll and if you ever need them they are always there and very friendly. I highly recommend CheckMark to everyone. Thank So Much

Calvin Tilley, Williamsport

Your payroll software is very easy to use. If I ever need support, for whatever reason, the CheckMark staff has always been very helpful and prompt.

Kathy Deaner, Antioch

Excellent Product and Friendly Helpful People


I've been using CheckMark Payroll Software for many years. The software is very user friendly.

Christine U, Cape Coral

I Am Very Happy With The Checkmark Support Team.

Tim Starostka, Columbus

Excellent Program. No functional issues. Would like to be able to do Work Comp report with changeable date range between prior and current years.

Jonathan, Sitka

Very easy to use. I have recommended it to others

Karen Hathaway, Hat Creek

We have used Checkmark for our payroll processing since 2011. It is great software - easy, accurate and complete!

Chris, Urbana

CheckMark Payroll is reasonably easy to use. Set up for a new year is relatively easy but could be a little more detailed in the installation instructions. Also, when tax updates occur, the setting to round up state taxes does not keep and has to be reset after updates are installed. Keep up the good work!

Jenny Saba, Boise

Your software is great. I wish I go assign worker compensation codes to each employee and run a wage and overtime report showing the payroll totals for each code. This would be great for yearly workers compensation audits

Annette Lee, Casa Grande

I've been in business for several decades. For years I actually calculated all of our payroll by hand on a legal pad (a laborious and dreaded process). I've been using Checkmark Payroll for probably the last fifteen years and can't imagine how I used to live without it. It has been suggested to me over the years that "I should just let the bank do it" but I like to be in control of everything and to know exactly what's going on with my company's payroll at all times. Checkmark allows me to do that. I see no reason why I would ever change.

Vienna, Scott Flanders

Your payroll is so much easier to use than QuickBooks or QuickBooks Online. I only have one request and that would be to add more states to the state tax reports. Most of my clients are in Texas and it would be nice to be able to have a nice report to give them.

Betty Scharfe, Somerset

Twenty years ago it was difficult to find a full blown accounting software that was user-friendly. Our company was still very young and I didn't want to find myself with a lot of technical issues. Multiledger fit the bill perfectly. More capabilities than we needed at the time, very easy to get started and the tech support is everything I could ever want. I considered changing to QuickBooks for pdf invoicing, but a quick email to tech support and I learned how to easily make that happen with Multiledger. LOVE this software.

Darcie Wilbanks, HOUSTON

Checkmark payroll has served us excellently for years.

Jenelle Broussard, Lake Charles

Used the app for decades for our small medical practice. Love the tech support. It is very responsive. Almost feels like a small family run business, which gives me a warm feeling. They have always taken care of my technical issues in a timely fashion

Ahmet Talug, Canton

We are always pleased with the ease of use of the CheckMark platform. It is always nice knowing it automatically updates taxes for federal and state, and transferring to our accounting software is a breeze! We are happy with the product

Megan Sims, Mayfield

I have been using CheckMark Payroll and 1099 Print for over ten years and am so thoroughly pleased with your products and service that I will continue to purchase them. You support the products excellently and I especially like that when there is an update, you release it release it immediately. Thank you for your efforts.

John A. Clark, Baltimore

I've been using this product since 1995. Love the ease of use and the pre-printed forms.

Judy Brazong, New York

We have been using Checkmark for years. Such an easy and simple program that does all of the work for you. Customer support is great too. We highly recommend!

Della Haselman, Clifton

Easy to use- Support always available and fast.

Irene Legerlotz, Ephrata

While the interface lacks design flair, the software is powerful. and very, very reliable. After 16 years-during which we tried many others- we have remained loyal. The A/R and A/P systems are first rate, with excellent reporting capabilities, including invoicing, and even check printing on blank stock. Payroll is available as a separate module and reports seamlessly to MultiLedger. Support has been excellent and updates have been regular and reliable. The stability is unmatched, and MultiLedger files work cross-platform [Windows and Mac]. The real test was a couple of "Hail Mary" audits--which we passed easily, in fact, our examiner complemented us on our accounting.

Michael S.

We have used Check Mark "Payroll & Multiledger" for two companies for the past 15 years. The programs are wonderful as they work well together or separate. The tech response has always been fast and right on the money and you are never treated like a computer dummy.

Dennis T, Lenox, MI

I have a Mac version of your MultiLedger that I purchased over 10 years ago. I am a CPA and have found this program extremely easy to use as compared to QuickBooks.

Christine S.

I just got off the phone with your technical support manager--an intuitive, patient, and tenacious person. I had corrupted my payroll files. And even though she was working from a different version of Windows, she was able to skillfully guide me through recovery of my company's payroll files. I just wanted to tell you how talented she is.

Michael R., Mt. Vernon, NY

When my previous bookkeeping software, which was Peachtree for Mac, stopped supporting the payroll portion of my business, I was desperate to find a replacement. QuickBooks for Mac also did not support payroll for my business anymore (everybody went to Windows), so I started searching the Internet. I found Checkmark and downloaded the trial version. After playing with it for a while, I decided to buy it and give it a try. The price was reasonable. I have been using it full-time since January and find that I LOVE it. The program is simple to use and offers more features than what I had previously, and you keep me informed of updates. I look forward to a long relationship with Checkmark and have passed on my recommendation to colleagues. What a find!

Nan C., Newcastle, CA

I was a Multledger customer for many years and would still highly recommend it to those looking for a desktop product, especially one that integrates with payroll so well. I logged onto your site the other day, and was pleased to see that the screens, setup, layouts are still simple, yet powerful in their presentation. They're not cluttered with the latest 'gee-whiz' graphics or button. PS I still remember the incredible technical support, which was hardly ever needed, but when someone answered, immediately, they knew the answers and didn't have to pass me off to three other people.

Randy S., Houston, TX

THANKS for all of your help. I am a computer-dummy. Your professional manner and patience are greatly appreciated. Thanks, CheckMark/MultiLedger for a terrific support team.

Kitty H., New York, NY

I was just doing a blitz bookkeeping job for the last few days on my own books, and I really appreciated Multiledger! I wish I could convert all my clients to use it. Quickbooks is a dog by comparison!

Jane M., San Anselmo, CA

I tried unsuccessfully to use Peachtree®, QuickBooks® and QuickBooks Pro® for my husband's small construction business. They were all far too complex for my bookkeeping background, so I was very pleased to find Checkmark Payroll and MultiLedger programs. They are easy to use and quickly provide exactly the information I need. I have never written to support a product before, but I have been so frustrated trying to learn other widely advertised accounting software before these Checkmark products that I thought my comments might help someone else out there struggling like I did.

Kathy D., St. Germain, WI

What I like most about CheckMark is that it gives me the option to deposit directly in physical checks, its interface is very intuitive and it is very positive that it is compatible with Windows 10. It is an excellent payroll software easy to use for small businesses that want a complete solution DIY and the ability to host their own data.

Carolina D., Courtesy of Capterra

User friendly, Mac friendly, great support. Competitively priced. I have always used a Mac since computerizing my dental practice in 1994. CheckMark Payroll has always been user friendly with all of my apple computers, no matter what OS I was using at the time. The customer support has been prompt, courteous and always got the issue solved. The updates are easy to install. It has been so great throughout the years to have such a reliable, easy, yet efficient payroll and year end software for my business. The software and support packages are very reasonably priced compared to other companies. And as I said, customer service has been outstanding and easily available. I especially like the ease of use, since I am the "IT" person in my business, and don't like to waste time on computer issues. I prefer to focus on my patients instead!

Claudia M, Courtesy of Capterra

Since 1994 I have used Checkmark Payroll and MultiLedger accounting software and love it. The user friendly ability to set it up, manage the accounts and update without major learning curves makes this my number one choice!

Rhonda H, Courtesy of Capterra

Very easy setup. Being able to add and delete items in the player file. Print forms to screen then email. Best it's always updated I do not have to do this myself.

Tonette, Courtesy of Capterra

From downloading the trial to onboarding, everything went fantastic, smooth and seamless. Moving from my previous Payroll Company to a new one was giving me Goosebumps, but with CheckMark payroll software, it was like a breeze – easy to install, configure and get started. All I needed was to import my previous payroll file in .CSV format and upload it to CheckMark payroll software. I had a minor glitch during the setup and since support comes included with the software, the customer support team helped me out through phone and online access.

Steven, Courtesy of G2Crowd

After using several different payroll companies over the decade, we finally settled on CheckMark Payroll software and it has been worth every penny, Easy to use, no recurring fee and ever-supporting customer service team who is always ready to help me.

Edison C., Courtesy of G2Crowd

Very easy setup. Being able to add and delete items in the player file. Print forms to screen then email. Best it's always updated I do not have to do this myself.

Tonette, Courtesy of Software Advice

Since 1994 I have used Checkmark payroll and MultiLedger accounting software and love it. The user friendly ability to set it up, manage the accounts and update without major learning curves makes this my number one choice!

Rhonda, Courtesy of Software Advice

Strongly recommended for small and medium size business. anybody can operate there support team is very good i make them to hold for 30 minutes and they patiently answer all my query. and resolve everything


When I was a junior in college I wanted to help my parents business with their accounting so I decided to set up a computerized system including payroll. We chose Checkmark Payroll because of its ease of use and affordability as we only had 6 employees at the time. I now use it to help out my husband's small plumbing business as well as my church's payroll! I will never again do payroll by hand!

Liz, Pennsylvania

I began with extensive knowledge of operations, yet no concept of finance, accounting, payroll, etc. I struggled for 2 years calculating payroll on an Excel spreadsheet over many long hours. When I purchased CheckMark Payroll, I was so astonished of how easy payroll could be. What once took me 2 hours per week + 8 hours per months, I can now complete in 20 minutes per week & 20 more per month.

Joseph, Georgia

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