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The Only Payroll Software Designed for Your Business

Engineered for small business payroll, CheckMark Payroll software for Macintosh and Windows is the most complete solution for do-it-yourself payrolls, small businesses, accountants, and professional payroll services. Our software program delivers more value for less money, and includes high-end features like direct deposit, MICR encoding blank check stock, and handles unlimited companies and unlimited employees.

Run it as a stand-alone program, or post to most popular accounting systems, including CheckMark's own MultiLedger and QuickBooks.

Current Federal and State tax withholding tables and printable IRS forms are included, and there are NO monthly fees. Running an in-house payroll will save you money and keep employee and payroll records safe and secure. Download our CheckMark Payroll software free trial and check it out for yourself! Run payroll, print payroll checks, and pay employer taxes in just a few minutes. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Manage Your Payroll the Right Way

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Here's What Sets CheckMark Payroll Apart

  • Unlimited Payroll Processing

    Checkmark payroll is ideal for small businesses, start-ups, accountants, consultants and service providers. Whatever your pay cycle may be, our program allows you to complete as many payroll runs as you need.

  • Process Unlimited Employees

    Whether you have 2 employees or 200, CheckMark Payroll lets you enter unlimited employees and companies.

  • Print/E-File W-2's

    CheckMark Payroll allows you to E-file W2s & W3s to the SSA and most states at no additional cost. You can also print completed Forms 941,940, 944, 943, W-2, and W-3 forms on blank or pre-printed forms.

  • Direct Deposit - Easy, Fast & Safe

    CheckMark Payroll creates ACH files for Direct Deposit via a bank or web-based deposit service for all Employer and Employee payments at no additional charge. E-mail pay stubs to your employees.

  • MICR Encoded Check Printing

    You can print MICR encoded employee pay checks on blank check stock.

  • Up-to-date IRS Tax Tables & Forms

    We release patches throughout the year with the latest tax tables from the IRS and all 50 states.

  • Flexible Support Plans

    Checkmark offers flexible support plans to meet the needs of our customers. Choose the one that is right for your business.

  • World Class US-Based Support

    Our knowledgeable technical support team is ready to help you with any questions. You may reach us by phone, email or fax.

  • CheckMark Cloud Backup Add-On

    Gain peace of mind by backing up your Payroll data to the cloud right from your software. For the cost of one coffee a month, it's like insurance cover for your sensitive data.

CheckMark, Inc. among the Top 10 Payroll Software Companies in USA top payroll solution

Simplifying your Payroll in 5 Easy Steps!

  • Payroll Hours Enter Hours Import hours directly or enter manually into our user-friendly interface.
  • Select pay period Select Pay Period & Date Select your pay period dates and pay date
  • run payroll Calculate Payroll Review your payroll, include any incomes and deductions and save each employee individually or all at once.
  • pay employees Pay your employees Either print physical checks or create a direct deposit file for your bank or a third party processor.
  • payroll reports View and Print Reports View, print and save reports.

Best Payroll Software for Small Business

What happens when you take the best accountants, software developers, and small business experts and let them work together? You get the best payroll software for small business.

We have worked really tirelessly to build the powerful desktop payroll software for small businesses, that can handle anything from basic payroll to complex payroll requirements. It does not matter what kind of business you have, CheckMark Payroll has all the features you would expect from a high-priced payroll system.

 Architect  Construction/Real estate  Media
 Startups  Home Services Provider  Telecommunication
 Accounting firms  Manufacturing  Retailers
 Healthcare  Publishing House  Travel agent
 Creative Agencies  Restaurants  Photography
 Education  Legal  Contractor
 Wholesalers  Non-Profits  Consulting

Payroll Reporting Made Easy

Payroll taxes are an important part of your business. CheckMark Payroll takes the stress out of tax filing time by providing a variety of detailed payroll reports for small business owners at no extra charge. You get access to 40-plus reports that can be viewed on screen, printed, saved as a text or .xls file.

Employee Information

  • Personal Information
  • Wage Information
  • Tax Information
  • Income/Deduction Information

Employee Earnings

  • Earnings Register
  • Hours Register
  • Earnings and Hours Register
  • Check Summary
  • Check Details

Employee Paychecks

  • Check Register
  • Check Register Summary
  • Posting Summary
  • ACH Direct Deposit
  • Web Direct Deposit
  • ACH NPC Direct Deposit


  • Wages & Hours
  • Check Summary

Employer Payment

  • Check Register
  • Posting Summary
  • ACH Direct Deposit
  • ACH NPC Direct Deposit

Federal Taxes

  • Tax Summary
  • Form 941
  • Form 943
  • Form 944

940 FUTA Tax

  • Wage Summary
  • Quarterly Liability
  • Form 940 (Annual Report)

W-2 & W-3 Statements

  • W-2 on Blank Paper
  • W-2 on Preprinted Forms (2-up)
  • W-3 on Blank Paper
  • W-3 on Preprinted Form
  • EFW2 File

Income & Deduction

Local Taxes

State Taxes

  • SUTA
  • Wage Summary
  • CA DE-9 Form

Ready to try CheckMark Payroll for FREE? Free 60-Day Trial

Small Businesses Love CheckMark

See how CheckMark is helping small business owners manage their payroll process with ease and peace of mind.

I have been with CheckMark for as long as I can remember and I have never had a problem with my Payroll and if you ever need them they are always there and very friendly. I highly recommend CheckMark Payroll to everyone. CheckMark payroll is the best alternative to online payroll or cloud based solutions. Thank So Much.

Calvin, Pennsylvania

I've been in business for several decades. For years I actually calculated all of our payroll by hand on a legal pad (a laborious and dreaded process). I've been using Checkmark Payroll for probably the last fifteen years and can't imagine how I used to live without it. It has been suggested to me over the years that "I should just let the bank do it" but I like to be in control of everything and to know exactly what's going on with my company's payroll at all times. CheckMark allows me to do that. I see no reason why I would ever change.

Scott, Virginia

I've been using this payroll application for at least 15 years. It's very user friendly and tech support is readily available, if ever needed. It integrates well with their MultiLedger accounting software and time tracking solution, but is an excellent stand-alone small business payroll.

Denise, Wisconsin

We have been using CheckMark payroll software for mac for years. Such an easy and simple payroll program that does all of the work for you. Customer support is great too. To manage payroll, we highly recommend CheckMark! Works great for my business along with HR and payroll benefits management software.

Della, New Jersey

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