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CheckMark 1099 Reviews

What Our Customers are Saying

I have used CheckMark 1099 software for the past 4 years. I like the software very much and have no problem with the features, functionality and support. It's pretty easy to use with low learning curve. I am able to efile 1099 to the IRS in a matter of minutes. It allowedme to import information through CSV files from my accounting software. For me, CheckMark has given me so much peace of mind during tax season.

Joseph, Los Angeles

The simplicity of CheckMark 1099 program combined with a straightforward UI makes it an easy and intuitive piece of tax software to use for 1099 filings. The E-Filingprocess is made easy by integrating with the IRS's FIRE electronic filing system. Importing and exporting information is also hassle free.Ultimately it does what a lot of other products on the market do, however it simply does everything better and comes at budget friendly price.

Karen, Chicago

I use CheckMark software for printing Form 1099s to my contractors. The software is easy to figure out when compared to my previous software, which was complicated and stressful. The interface is similar to 1099 forms that make things easier for me while filing. The pricing is affordable. I have looked at a number of different software and I didn't find any that offered what CheckMark does at such a reasonable price, for unlimited contractors and unlimited filings. No hidden or surprise fees either.

Glenn, Pittsburgh

CheckMark software is super easy to use -set it up once and you are good to go. The support team is great. We needed answers to a few queries about how to E-File our 1099s using FIRE system and we received instantsupport through the chat option available on the website.Highly recommended, made my life easier.

Jennifer, Seattle

Cost and features were important factors what I was looking in a 1099 software. CheckMark happens to satisfied me quite well on both the terms. Being a construction and maintenance company, we hire quite a lot of contractors over a year and with my previous online solution, the cost was increasing with every new contractor. CheckMark allowed me to add all my contractors and helped me in setting up the information of company and contractors in a fraction of time and at a much lower price I never expected. The support is fantastic and software is very easy to use. I have no complaints so far.

Sami, Boston

I spent quite a lot of time researching around for a reliable and affordable software for 1099 filings. I am glad I found CheckMark. The interface is simple to use and screens resembles just like 1099 Form. The support staff delivers quick and accurate reply through email, phone and chat. Software setup was simple and straightforward, highly recommended.

Matt, Miami,

As I’m doing payroll for 5 companies, I have to deal with 1099 contractors very often. I needed a simple program to print 1099s to contractors efficiently and economically. Some companies needed E-Filing. CheckMark is really life saver for me as it allows me add unlimited companies and contractors without increasing the cost. Everything comes for just $139. It has saved me a lot of time and money in the last 3 years.

Charles, New Orleans

As a CheckMark Payroll customer for a long time, I am impressed with their reliable support and yearly software updates. I added 1099 software last year and was able to import information in a jiffy. The software is simple and looks similar like 1099 forms, so it’s very intuitive with very low learning curve. Everything worked out well and no issues whatsoever as of now.

Marium, San Diego

CheckMark 1099 is easy to use and have saved my company a ton of money. Being a tax filing company, we are able to file unlimited contractors and companies without any additional cost. They release update for the software quite early at the year end, making us to start processing 1099s for my clients as early as possible. The customer support team is excellent. They also integrated feature I requested, in the next version and informed me over the call. It was great the way they value their customers. I am super impressed with their product and support team.

Jack, Austin

I had some question with the E-Filing and the support representative was very quick to help me out and made the whole filing process easy and understandable. I am really happy with the way they treated me, as I was filing the forms for the first time. The software is intuitive and easy to learn. So far I have zero complaints.

Brad, Atlanta

Love this 1099 software because it is very easy to use and great value for less money. I am 100% satisfied with the software and technical support.

Maggie, Portland

I was in need of an affordable and simple 1099 solution for my business and CheckMark was a great for my needs. Easy to set up the company and contractor information by importing CSV files. I highly recommend this software to other business owners. The cost is way less when compared to online 1099 filing services. It has saved me couple of hundred dollars in the last two years.

Carl, Orlando

The CheckMark’s 1099 software is easy and simple to use. The customer service is even better. I needed help initially with the set up and the customer representative helped me from start to finish. Even though I do not have finance background but the way she explained and helped me out, it was really superb and understandable.

Abdul, Dallas

CheckMark 1099 software offers features exactly what a small business needs. It is simple to use, accurate and reliable program. It is updated every year once and it has taken a lot of pressure from my mind. I can file the 1099s in a matter of minutes.

Clay, Charlotte

Simple program and worked out great for our transport company. I really like the support.

Bryan, Asheville

CheckMark software is a time-saver for me as it allows to me efile 1099s for my clients in quite less amount of time. I am 100% satisfied with the software. I am using it for the last 3 years and I have no issues.

Brenda, Pittsburgh

I am really grateful for the support CheckMark provided me. Coming from the marketing background, I was a novice when my dad called me in to look into the payroll department. We are using CheckMark for last 10 years and the support is fantastic. Highly recommended for small businesses.

Abdul, Dallas

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