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1099 E-file Version:

  • E-filing is easy! All you need to print is a hard copy for recipients. CheckMark recommends the 4-up Blank Sheets, as they are perforated The IRS requires that you use pre-printed forms for recipient copies of forms 1099 DIV, INT, R or S.

1099 Print only Version:

  • No matter what type of 1099 forms you are filing, you will need red Copy A and a red form 1096 when submitting paper copies to the IRS. One option is to purchase pre-printed paper copies for all 1099 forms (MISC, DIV, INT, R or/and S). Please specify which type of form you are ordering.

  • If you only need form 1099-Misc, you can print the recipient copies on 4-up blank sheets and purchase form 1096 and copy A individually. Contact CheckMark at 800-444-9922 or email for details.

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