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Note: If you do not own CheckMark 1099 for 2022 but own CheckMark 1099 for 2021, you will need to purchase the CheckMark 1099 for 2022 to be current. If you are not a CheckMark customer, you can consider downloading the demo or purchasing CheckMark 1099 Software to streamline your 1099 reporting processes.

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1099 Software

CheckMark 1099 for 2021 Downloads



1099 E-File for Windows 21.0.3

1099 E-File for Mac 21.0.3


1099 Print for Windows 21.0.3

1099 Print for Mac 21.0.3


Please note: You need to have version 21.0.0 or later of CheckMark 1099 already installed to run any patch.

What's included in the 1099 Software?

Changes in 1099 21.0.3 Version

  • Updated Electronic formatting for 2021 Tax Filing.

Changes in 1099 21.0.2 Version

  • Fixed NEC Selector Dialog text.

Changes in 1099 21.0.1 Version

  • Updated 1099 tax forms for 2021 Tax Filing.
  • Updated 1096 tax forms for 2021 Tax Filing.
  • Updated Electronic formatting for 2021 Tax Filing.
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