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CheckMark Payroll Updates

Payroll 2019 Update Includes

Your CheckMark Payroll software includes many valuable features and enhancements. For one low annual fee, we monitor and integrate the most up-to-date IRS tax forms, state and federal tax tables provide technical support, and program patches. We highly recommend keeping your software up-to-date to ensure compliance with the IRS and state mandates.

Payroll Update 2019

Update Now
  • On Calculate pay window, added new field to add all incomes and gives a total for Gross Wages below that section of the window.
  • Added the ability to import hours by department into the Distribute Hours window.
  • Added option to show Employer Match on paycheck stub.
  • Added column on Additional Income Report to show 'quantity' for number of miles with mileage or number of pieces for piecework.
  • Option to Print Multiple reports at once instead of having to go to the individual reports and printing one at a time.
  • Added the ability to create “Employer” checks in January of the next calendar year, based on taxes from the current calendar year.
  • Updated W2 forms, 940, 941, 943 & 944 for 2019 tax filings.
  • Updated Accrued Hours to allow for a carry-over date to be defined by the employer.