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CheckMark Why MultiLedger

Why do business owners across the Nation trust MultiLedger for their Accounting?


Quickly setup your company and start managing your finances. You can begin using MultiLedger at any time of the year, whether you are starting a brand new business or setting up an existing one. Select from one of the sample charts of accounts included with the program, import a tab delimited text file or create your own. We have made it easy to enter or import customers, vendors, inventory and other company data.


Checkmark's integrated accounting system has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Accounting Solutions by CFO Tech Outlook Magazine.

Internal Controls

MultiLedger provides business owners the ability to disable modifying of prior month's transactions. You can also create multiple users and limit their access to specific parts of the program such as AP, AR, entering deposits etc. It is important to back up your information regularly. MultiLedger allows you back up as often as you like and reminds you to do so whenever you close a company.

Live Reports

With MulitLedger integrated accounting software, you get up-to-the-minute financial statements and reports. You can customize reports for a specific time period. You can view print or save as a text file and import into Word or Excel.

Track Inventory Items

Manage your inventory using: Item cost, quantity on hand, reorder quantity, multiple price levels, and much more! With MultiLedger, you can know exactly how much inventory you have on hand, what it is worth and how much you have sold. As you invoice customers or purchase new stock from vendors, MultiLedger will automatically update the quantity and unit cost per item.

Email Invoices, Quotes and PO's

Save time, paper and postage by emailing invoices, quotes and purchase orders to your customers directly from MultiLedger.

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