CheckMark MultiLedger FAQs

All the MultiLedger accounting software FAQs in one place.

How easy is it to set up and start using MultiLedger?

MultiLedger is designed to be straight-forward and easy to use for any small business owner. We include several sample charts of accounts that you can use as is, or customize for your business. Start using the software at any time of the year.

Do I have to purchase an update every year?

We strongly recommend that users maintain up-to-date software. Enhancements and updates are made available regularly. Also users who print Forms 1099 and 1096 on blank sheets will need to purchase our annual MultiLedger update. Please note that we only support the most current versions of our software

We are a small business and don't need all the features found in MultiLedger. Is it possible to just use some of the modules?

Yes. MultiLedger is an integrated accounting package, however, you can use just the functions that apply to your business. For example, if you just want to keep track of your receivables, you can use only the Invoices and Customer Payroll functions in MultiLedger.

Does MultiLedger handle quotes and purchase orders?

Yes. You can enter a quote or purchase order, then convert it into an invoice or payable at any time.

Does MultiLedger handle multiple bank accounts?

Yes. And, each bank account has powerful options. You can print customized deposit slips directly from MultiLedger. Our built-in bank reconciliation feature saves time and helps you monitor your bank balances.

Does MultiLedger track inventory?

Yes, MultiLedger tracks inventory, handles multiple pricing levels, sales tax, and many of other requirements for businesses with inventory needs.

Where can I purchase checks and forms for MultiLedger?

You can buy compatible checks, 1099 tax forms, invoices, and statements, directly from CheckMark.

Still Have Questions?

If you cannot find answer to your question in our FAQs, you can visit on knowledge base to learn more about CheckMark MultiLedger Software or contact us. We will answer to you shortly.

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