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CheckMark Cloud Backup

Never lose data again

The simplest & easiest backup solution for your CheckMark software. It's like an insurance cover
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CheckMark Cloud Backup
Efficient Backup and Recovery Add-On for CheckMark Software

Your payroll, accounting and tax reporting data is an asset that should be protected with a reliable backup-and-recovery solution. Viruses, hard-drive crashes, data corruption or user errors on your computer can devastate your business.

With CheckMark Cloud Backup Add-On, you can now back up your data directly from the software to the Cloud at any point of the day, many times per day, at exceptionally low cost. Restore files 24/7 and get up and running again in a short time.

With CheckMark software you will never again have to worry about backing up your data!

  • Add Details and Get Started

    Just add the details in your software. Then, when you do a regular backup, our Cloud Backup Portal will open in your default browser and you can back up your data to the Cloud in a jiffy. It's that easy!

  • Instant Email Notifications

    Get instant email notification when your data is backed up to the Cloud.

  • Restore your database from any point

    You can restore your software database to any previous backup version. Download the file to your local computer and restore it manually to get up and running fast.

A Simple yet Powerful Automated Solution

  • Simple Backup Tool

    Simply backup your database from one or all the software to the cloud in a quick and efficient way directly from your software. It’s time to keep your files safe from crashes and hackers by storing them securely on CheckMark Cloud.
  • 24/7 Data Recovery

    Rapid and organized data-recovery option, which can be managed 24/7. You’ll have complete access to your sensitive data in our sleek and easy-to-use Cloud Backup portal.
  • Sleek and Easy Cloud Backup Portal

    An easy-to-use and sleek backup Portal (web interface) for managing data with complete control directly from your software. No need to frequently sign in and sign out.
  • Unlimited Data Backup

    Never lose your data again. Get unlimited Cloud backups for your Mac or PC. Compatible with all CheckMark software products – Payroll, MultiLedger, 1099 and 1095 software.
  • Unbeatable Security

    CheckMark uses 256-bit AES encryption to upload files from your desktop software and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to transfer your data to the Cloud. At every point, your data is safe, secure and protected.
  • Affordable Pricing

    CheckMark Cloud Backup Add-On offers everything you need at one low price. There are no hidden fees or surprises. Flat $59/software item or $119/all software, for one complete year. See Pricing in detail.
  • Email Notifications

    Get email notifications when your data is backed up, so you know whether it is successfully backed up or not.
  • Seamless Backups

    Fast and uninterrupted data backup and restore with low CPU usage and minimal Internet bandwidth.
  • PC and Mac Compatible

    Whether Mac or PC, our Cloud Backup Add-On works flawlessly to keep your important files safe and secure in the Cloud. Think of it as an insurance cover for your sensitive and important data.
  • Free Tech Support

    Our knowledgeable technical-support team is ready to help you with any questions. You can reach us by phone, email or fax.

How it Works

  • Enter Details

    Add email address and customer number in software.
  • Backup Database

    Create a backup on your computer. Once done, the Cloud Backup Portal opens automatically.
  • Upload Files

    Upload the recently backed up files in the Cloud. Done!
  • Restore Database

    When needed, download and restore your data with the click of a button.


Our affordable and flat pricing suits every type of business. For just $10 per month ($0.33 per day) you’ll have complete peace of mind.


$ 6 /mo

Billed Monthly


$5 /mo

$59 Billed Annually




$ 12 /mo

Billed Monthly


$ 10 /mo

$119 Billed Annually




I'm an existing CheckMark customer—how do I enable Cloud Backup in my software?

Cloud Backup Add-On is available right inside all CheckMark software. All you have to do is purchase the Cloud Backup Add-On and enable the option in File>Preference by adding your registered email address and customer number.

What versions of CheckMark software does it work with?

Cloud Backup Add-Ons support the latest version of CheckMark software. If you have an outdated software version, we recommend you to update as early as possible to stay compliant with the tax laws and also eligible the Cloud Backup Add-On.

What are the requirements for running Cloud Backup for CheckMark software?

The same requirements as for CheckMark software. No need to install any software or upgrade hardware, as the Cloud Backup Add-On is built into the software. However, you need a web browser and an active Internet connection to upload backups.

Is it safe to send and store my private data on the Cloud?

Your data will be encrypted from the time it is backed up from your computer to saving it in the Cloud and from downloading to restoring. At every phase, the data will be secured with 256-bit AES encryption.

How long is my backup data saved online?

CheckMark saves all your backup information on our servers until you have active CheckMark Cloud Backup Subscription. If you discontinued using Cloud Backup, your data will remain on CheckMark servers for a period of one month and you can access them again as long as you resubscribe within that time period.

Keep your Database Safe, Secure and Backed up