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CheckMark HR Support FAQs | HR Made Easy


Q: Are the HR services for all CheckMark customers or only payroll customers?
A: All CheckMark customers and clients can benefit. New customers often include HR with their other purchases.
Q: Occasionally we need new employees. Are there HR hiring guidelines and forms available with the service?
A: Yes. There is entire menu of choices including a hiring check list, hiring forms, templates, guidelines, 5 top tips, and relevant articles. Other topics have similar resources for you.
Q: I'm an employer and have never had any HR problems. Why should we sign-up?
A: As an employer, there is always the possibility of costly employment lawsuits and audits. Approved HR practices are a proactive way to avoid HR issues. Take our Free 3-Minute Audit and discover areas that are at risk or could be improved.
Q: Are the topics in the HR Support Center current and up to date?
A: Yes, very up to date. HR professionals continuously update the site and report on current HR issues that could impact your business.
Q: If I sign-up, can I stop the service at any time?
A: Yes. Simply send CheckMark a written notice, 30-days prior to the end date.