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IRS-Approved 1095 Software for ACA Compliance Reporting.

Prepare, print or e-file your 1095 Forms with our simple and secured CheckMark 1095 software.

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Finally, a simple, easy-to-use, affordable, professional-caliber 1095 Software! Choose from two versions, depending on your needs: E-File or Print for Windows® and Mac®.

CheckMark 1095 Software is a low-cost solution that allows Small and Medium-size businesses to report and file or transmit ACA (Affordable Care Act) requirements of health care coverage provided to employees and the IRS. The application is available for both Mac and Windows platform and has many features including easy and accurate reporting. There are multilevel security and controls over access of the data - separate user may assist in data entry but will have controlled access to various screens.

The application allows for the creation of unlimited databases, companies and employee entities. It also allows for the creation and submission of the required forms to the IRS via paper forms or electronic filing.

The Only 1095 Software Designed for Your Business

1095 Software You Can Trust, No Matter What Industry You're in

What happens when you take the best accountants, software developers, and small business experts and let them work together?

You get the best 1095 software for your small business.

We've worked really hard to build the powerful 1095 software for small businesses having anything from standard to complex ACA requirements. Regardless of industry, business objective or technology, CheckMark 1095 software gives you all the features you'd expect from powerful 1095 reporting software.

CheckMark 1095 for 2023: Updated 1095, 1094 and electronic formatting for the 2023 tax filing. See What's New

Discover Why Thousands of Business Owners Trust CheckMark 1095 Software

For over 39 years, CheckMark has been committed to providing the most reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. CheckMark pioneered Payroll and accounting software for the Mac platform in the '80s. Since then, we have developed cross-platform programs for payroll, accounting, 1099 and 1095.

To cater to the growing demand for online software and accommodate the ever-changing business landscape, CheckMark also introduced a cloud payroll platform that equips businesses with enhanced flexibility, accessibility, and efficiency to effectively manage their payroll processes.

Our highest priority is to develop high-quality business solutions that are simple to use and are priced with the small and medium-sized business in mind. We are proud of our achievements and remain committed to providing the most trusted and reliable solutions to run your business.

File Your 1095s in 3 Easy Steps!

  • Add Company

    Set up your company and add the payer's name, and other details to get started.

  • Add Recipients

    Enter recipient information in a screen similar to the Form 1095.

  • Print or EFile 1095s

    Based on your requirements, print (or) E-file 1095 forms directly to the ACA.

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