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Payroll 2018 Change Log

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Please note: You need to have version 18.0.0 or later of CheckMark Payroll already installed to run the latest patch.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.23 for 2018

  • Updated EFW2 for ND State

Changes in Payroll 18.0.22 for 2018

  • Updated EFW2 for PA
  • Resolved printing issues of W2 on Windows computers
  • Added auto-naming for IA EFW2 file

Changes in Payroll 18.0.19 for 2018

  • Updated EFW2 for CT, KS, MA, VT, WI and PA states.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.18 for 2018

  • Updated MO and OR State EFW2s.
  • Updated 940 and 940 Schedule A forms for 2018 tax year reporting.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.17 for 2018

  • Updated W2s & W3 Forms.
  • Updated 943 Form.
  • Updated 944 Form.
  • Correction to Earnings Register if Preference to Sort List by Department is checked.
  • EFW2s for Federal and the following states have been updated: IA, IL, KY, MD, MS, NC, NJ, OH, SC.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.16 for 2018

  • Corrected # of digits allowed after the decimal on Deductions that are per “Hour Worked”. Can now enter 5 digits after the decimal.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.15 for 2018

  • Updated NJ Tax Tables.
  • Updated MD Maximum Standard Deduction.
  • Updated TN Suta Max.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.14 for 2018

  • Fixed exemption total calculations for states with manual calculations.
  • Fixed State issue on check stubs.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.13 for 2018

  • Fixed exemption total calculation based on the # of allowances for CO & NM states.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.12 for 2018

  • We have added a new option for Cloud Backup Service.
    Now you can back up your important data securely to the cloud.
    For more information, see the instructions under the Help menu,
    contact support at 1-970-225-0387, or visit

Changes in Payroll 18.0.11 for 2018

  • Updated MI state exemption amount.
  • Fixed crashing in Earnings Register.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.10 for 2018

  • Updated UT Tax Tables.
  • Updated ID Tax Tables.
  • Updated KY Tax Tables.
  • Repaired saving of SUTA %.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.8 for 2018

  • Updated CO state exemption amounts.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.7 for 2018

  • Fixed crashing while selecting sort by department option.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.6 for 2018

  • Updated 941 form for 2018 tax year reporting.
  • Updated LA Tax tables.
  • Updated ND Tax tables.
  • Fixed crashing while selecting sort by department option.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.5 for 2018

  • Added option to Suppress Allowances from printing on paychecks.
  • Fixed Earning Register issues.
  • Updated Hour Register & Earnings and Hour Register reports.
  • Various State taxes updated.
  • Fixed Medicare calculation on Check Register.
  • Fix for Database issues.
  • Fixed Printing issue in Print Paychecks.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.2 for 2018

  • Social Security Maximum Updated.
  • 401k, 403b, 457b - maximums updated.
  • Various State and Local taxes updated.
  • Various SUTA maximums updated.

Changes in Payroll 18.0.1 for 2018

  • Added more Accrued Hour options to accommodate sick pay changes.
  • Check stub now provides state and federal withholding information, showing Single, Married or Exempt and the # of allowances from employee setup.
  • Made CT tables more automated to help with employee setup.