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A Word from Our CEO

July 2012
The presidential election is just around the corner. What does that have to do with payroll and accounting? Everything! With the election, we’ll see the president (whoever wins!) come in with his agenda, policy changes, taxes and tax breaks coming up for renewal, and so on. That can be a lot to stay on top of when you already have a business to run.

CheckMark is happy to continue to take care of those payroll and tax worries for you and give you the tools to find success with your business software. We are working on some exciting changes for next year to make your life easier. 

Thanks for your continued support. 

Mohammed Ghani
President and CEO



The CheckMark Blog!

Yep. We’re blogging over here at CheckMark. Check it out to stay on top of small business news, payroll and accounting changes, and maybe even learn a thing or two about our company culture. We’d love for the blog to be more of a conversation, so join us, share your opinions, and let’s have a discussion! You can check out the blog here

Try Out The HR Access Center for FREE

Have you been procrastinating on writing that federally-required employee handbook? Need help writing job descriptions? Are you up-to-date on state and federal laws for employers? Keeping up with state and federal requirements can be a lot to handle but the HR Access Center can help you keep organized and keep you in compliance. Even if you have an HR person or department, this handy resource can help keep you organized and up to date. If you’d like to try it out, give us a call at 800-444-9922 or email info@checkmark.com and we’ll get you set up for 6 months for free. 

P.S. Don't worry- Payroll Software is here to stay. We just want to offer the best variety of software and services for small business.


Payroll Services

At CheckMark, we’re excited to note that since the end of 2011, CheckMark Payroll Services has grown 86%. If you are looking to make the switch or are just curious, give us a call at 800-444-9922 to learn more or check it out online. Or refer a friend and earn up to $150! Call for details.

Meet a CheckMark Employee- Heather

1) How long have you been working at CheckMark and what is your role?
I am currently a marketing assistant at CheckMark, and have been part of the team since the beginning of July, 2011. 

2) What is your favorite part of working at CheckMark?
I am a people person so my favorite part of working at CheckMark is the people. Not only do I genuinely enjoy the people I work with, I really adore the loyal customer base that we have!

3) What random talent or skill do you have?

I like to cook and make random food creations. Sometimes it turns out amazing, and other times not so much. The great thing about having a large family with two dogs is that it gets devoured no matter what! 

4) What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?
Duct tape creations are on the rise! I have seen some pretty cool creations out of duct tape, the weirdest one being a wallet and a dress. You can find just about any color and pattern of duct tape you need. Very cool, but probably not something I would try to do. 


Tips From Our Support Team

Top Questions of the Quarter

So…How Do I Close Out A MultiLedger Year?
With many closing out their accounting years, here are the steps you need to know to close out a MultiLedger year properly: https://www.checkmark.com/support/result_display.php?kbrecordid=213E1224129124

How do I Access Old Payroll Years?
Here's a link to another article that explains how to get into older years of payroll once they've converted up to the latest 8.2.x version.

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