3rd Quarter 2013 Newsletter

A Word From Our CEO | Web Feedback & MultiLedger Suggestions | Refer a Friend & Receive CheckMark Bucks | Win an iPod & Meet Our Pro Athlete | Tips from Our Support Team

A Word from Our CEO

July 2013

It's been a busy past year at CheckMark and we're just getting started. We kicked things off with our Payroll Software rewrite last fall with the launch of Payroll 13.0. Then this past summer we launched our new, updated website to ease your nagivation and to make our site a better source of information for you. Now we're moving full steam ahead with our CheckMark MultiLedger Software rewrite and we are seeking your input. Your feedback and input is essential to us- we want to keep building our software and services to exceed your expectations and needs. Thank you.
Best regards.

Mohammed Ghani
President and CEO



Seeking New Website Feedback

The new website has been up for just over a month now. Now that you've had some time to adjust to the new look, Chester CheckMark is seeking your feedback! What do you like or dislike about the website? Are there areas you have trouble accessing information? What other website features have you seen on other websites that you would like to see at www.checkmark.com? What additions would you like to see for 2013? Email us at info@checkmark.com with your ideas! 

Chester CheckMark 2

CheckMark MultiLedger Rewrite Is Underway- What do you want to see?

With our CheckMark Payroll rewrite complete, our software development team is now tackling rewriting CheckMark MultiLedger Accounting Software. Our software development team is seeking your input for the MultiLedger face-lift so please share at info@checkmark.com.

Refer a Friend and Receive CheckMark Bucks!

It's a win-win! Refer a friend to CheckMark for CheckMark Payroll or MultiLedger or for our Payroll Processing Services and receive $25 in CheckMark Bucks when your friend purchases! Your friend will also receive $50 off their purchase price of Payroll or $100 off MultiLedger. For Services, have them contact us for the best price at 800-444-9922. Simply make sure your friend mentions your name and company upon ordering and we'll send you your CheckMark Bucks! Your CheckMark Bucks can be used towards anything we offer- updates, services, checks, tax forms.

30-Days Free Demo for Time & Attendance

You may not have known but we also offer a variety of Time Clock solutions. Web, fingerprint, PIN, badges- we have a wide variety of solutions to fit your needs! Now you can even test out our solutions with a 30-day Demo. Click here and get set up today! Need help or have questions? Email us at info@checkmark.com or call 800-444-9922. 

Win an iPod and Cheer on Our Professional Athlete!

CheckMark is proud to support their employee Whitney who has embarked on a journey this summer around the country with Colavita-Fine Cooking Professional Women's Cycling Team as a domestique (read: worker). So far this year, her races have taken her to Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Idaho, Colorado, Oregon, and Delaware. Believe it or not, bike racing is very team-oriented with a team having a common goal and riders throwing themselves behind that goal. It is like NASCAR, others say it's chess on wheels. Either way, we know she works her tail off on the bike and at CheckMark. Colavita has been having a stellar season with tons of podium finishes. To follow along and win a chance at a monthly iPod shuffle drawing, visit www.checkmark.com/cycling

Tips From Our Support Team

Top Questions of the Quarter

Tis the season for many MultiLedger users to Close Year. If you are unsure how to close your year, please follow the instructions below. If you need technical assistance and are running MultiLedger 7.5, you can request support online (fastest option) or over the phone at 970-225-0387. If you are running an older version, you will need to update first which you can do over the phone at 800-444-9922.

How to Close Your MultiLedger Year
The current version of MultiLedger allows for 30 months to be open at one time. When you try and save a transaction in the 31st month, you will be prompted that the date lies outside of the open period or is in a locked month. You will be prompted that you have entered a date that is invalid. To close a year in MultiLedger:
  1. Make a backup using the Backup Company command under the File Menu in the program. Save the backup location that you can easily find and that is off the hard drive that you current data files are saved to. Rename the default backup name to a backup name that clearly labels this backup as a year end backup archive.
  2. Use MultiLedger to Restore the backup you just saved to another folder clearly labeled as a prior year archive folder.
  3. Re-open the company data files you wish to Close Year on. This should be the 2nd item in the list under the Open Recent Company command in the File menu.
  4. Select Close Year under the File menu.
  5. You will be prompted that a backup must be saved to continue to Close Year utility. Click OK.
  6. Save a second backup to another location of your choice. Rename the backup archive to indicate a year end backup and choose Save.
  7. When a backup is complete, you will receive a message, click OK.
  8.  You will be prompted that all the transactions through (date indicated on the message window) will be deleted. Proceed? Click Yes.
Backup and Restore instructions are located in the MultiLedger Manual.pdf located under the Help menu in your MultiLedger program and in other articles in the Knowledge Base.
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