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A Word from Our CEO

April 2012
Happy Spring 2012. The Colorado weather has been unusually warm and we had a very mild winter. It is not quite over though, because we can still get snow in April and May.
I am sure that you have seen communications from us that we have moved to a new facility. We have doubled the number of staff, so we can better serve you, and could not fit everyone in the old location. Our newly-formed Payroll Services division is also experiencing growth and requiring us to expand as well.
This newsletter also contains information of our time clock services, HR Support services, information about 941s, and what to do when you get a new computer this spring.
We are working on the next version of our products and our goal is to become and remain your one-stop shop for all Payroll and Accounting needs. We always welcome your ideas and feedback on making our products and services better as well as for new products.
Best regards.

Mohammed Ghani
President and CEO



We Moved!

Last month, February 23rd and 24th, CheckMark moved offices! We had outgrown our space in south Fort Collins and moved to a more central space that can grow with us. We appreciate you patience during that time but we are now up and running and enjoying the room to stretch our legs.
Our new address is:
323 W Drake, Ste 100
Fort Collins, CO 80526
If you ever need to get in touch but aren’t sure how to, check out our Contact Us page.


Time Clock is Here

Save money and gain piece of mind with our time and attendance solution! By eliminating the amount of time that is required to manually calculate time cards, the cost of human error, and the rising expense of employee time theft our simple and affordable solution is a valuable investment for any company. Try a 30 free demo by clicking here.

Meet a CheckMark Employee- Anne

1) How long have you been working at CheckMark and what is your role?
I began working for CheckMark the first time in February of 1994 and left in 2000, after having my second child. I started in support, but helped with the development of the Payroll for Windows soon after starting at CheckMark. I returned back to CheckMark in February 2011, where I headed up the development of the Payroll Services division.
I am currently the Payroll Services Manager for CheckMark. As the manager, I am familiar with each of our clients’ payroll and personally complete an initial payroll audit to evaluate the client’s tax situation. A payroll service agent or I will personally handle running your payroll for the company, making tax payments and filing tax reports for our clients. We are proud that we are able to add a personal touch to our payroll service clients.

2) What is your favorite part of working at CheckMark?
I enjoy the challenge of my job and the peers that I work with the most.

3) What random talent or skill do you have?
I am a very good cook. I enjoy making homemade bread, although I do not have time to do this much since I am working full-time again and raising a family.


Tips From Our Support Team

Now that we are at the end of a quarter, the 941 will be the next big thing in 2012. Keep a look out for an error message that might appear that your fraction of cents is too high. If you get this error message there could be a couple of reasons why. The link below will take you to an article on our KnowledgeBase explaining this error message and why you might be getting it.

Top Question of the Quarter
New year, new budgets, new computers. We have lots of customers getting new computers, but how do you get the program and files on the new computer?
1) You need to do a full install of the program on the new computer. Do not copy the program over. The installer not only installs the program, but installs fonts and other much needed things to run the program that copying over does not do. You can use your disk if you purchased one.  You can use the installer if you saved it after downloading, or you can give us a call (800-444-9922) or email (info@checkmark.com) and let us know you need a download emailed again.
2) You need to make a backup of your files from the old computer. The backup function can be found under the File menu of the program. You will need to save it onto something like a flash drive so you can move it from one computer to another.
3) Once the program is installed on the new computer, open up the backup. Payroll and MultiLedger use different methods to open a backup. Under the Help menu in your program, there is a .pdf manual for each program. MultiLedger uses a Restore Backup Command. For Payroll, you can use the database manager, found under the File menu to open an existing database or create a new one. Once the database is open, you will need to restore the backup you created. Go to restore backup found under the File menu. Select the backup you created and it will put it in your new database!
4) Go to Open Company under the File menu, open your company, and you are ready to go!

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