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A Word from Our CEO


February 2012

Everyone at CheckMark has worked hard to make the 2012 versions of Payroll, MultiLedger, and 1099 applications more robust, secure, scalable, and extensible. The end of year was a busy time as we released our new database for Payroll. We're excited to have everyone updated and running this new relational database that provides us with so much opportunity as we continue to grow and move forward.
Tax laws and withholding amounts are always changing. Rest assured CheckMark is carefully monitoring all state and federal payroll tax changes that could impact your withholdings and payroll tax limits. We always release new patches and updated payroll tables as soon as the changes happen and it is more important than ever to run the latest version and purchase an annual tech support plan.

In response to requests from new and existing customers alike, CheckMark opened a new division in 2011, CheckMark Payroll Services. Now employers nationwide have three CheckMark payroll service options and can take advantage of our 27 years of payroll knowledge and experience. Read the newsletter and discover how to earn cash for referrals. Employers running the current version of our payroll software can switch without incurring any setup fees.
We are looking forward to serving you during the 2012 calendar year. We appreciate your business and please let us know what we can do to make our products, services, and support work better for you.

Best regards.
Mohammed Ghani
President and CEO 


We're Moving!

CheckMark has continued to grow and it seems we’ve outgrown our building! We’re on the move at the end of February to a new building. Don’t worry- we’re still in lovely Fort Collins, CO. We will just have a little more wiggle-room! Only our address is changing, all our emails and phone numbers will remain the same. 

Our new address will be:
323 W Drake Rd, Ste 100
Fort Collins, CO 80526

New Update Features

Many are wondering why there was such a dramatic change for the payroll and what it means for their business. Switching to a database format creates a more stable data platform and allows us to have more dynamic features for you now and with future versions.  Currently, you do get to reap some of the benefits:
  • Switch between companies with a click of a button
  • Latest version checked automatically (requires internet access)
  • Automatic backup created whenever you close the program
  • Automatic tax table updates for federal, state and local taxes, as well as pre-defined incomes, deductions, and hour categories without needing a patch
  • Ability to rerun 2011 payrolls, forms, and reports with the appropriate tax rates and forms.
Our software development team has a bunch of ideas up their sleeves to enhance the program but we always want your feedback too! Feel free to send ideas to info@checkmark.com

New! 1099 Software Demo

Still need to e-File those 1099s (there is still time, by the way!)? Check out the new 1099 Software demo and see how easy our affordable 1099 Software is. Our IT team took into account a lot of user feedback to add many user-requested features for 2012! It can print and e-file 1099-MISC, -INT, -DIV, -S, and –R. Recipient 1099-MISC can be printed on blank forms (preprinted Red Copy A and preprinted Red 1096 still required), or save on forms by e-filing. Starting at $69.

Learn More: https://www.checkmark.com/products/1099.php
Check out the demo here: https://www.checkmark.com/products/demos_choose_type.php

Online HR Access Center
All businesses have Human Resource obligations and ignoring those obligations can result in costly lawsuits and audits. CheckMark’s HR Support Center is an affordable and easy way to manage your HR needs. By subscribing you get instant web access to HR resources along with HR professionals with years of HR planning experience, without having to hire an HR manager! From $60/year.

Learn More: https://www.checkmark.com/payroll_services/hr_administration.php
Request a free HR Audit: https://www.checkmark.com/products/payrollServicesForm.php

Payroll Services

CheckMark Payroll Services is growing! Receive $75 up to $150 finders reward for referring a client. Contact CheckMark for details. 

Time is money and if payroll is taking up too much of your time and hurting your business, consider CheckMark Payroll Services. We’ll waive the set-up fees. Tempted? Call 800-444-9922 to find out more or request more information here: https://www.checkmark.com/products/payrollServicesForm.php

An Interview with CheckMark Software Developer Ian!

1) How long have you been working at CheckMark and what is your role?
I've been working at CheckMark for approximately 17 months as a Software Developer. My role at CheckMark is to maintain, enhance, and expand CheckMark's software suite.
2) What’s your favorite part of working at CheckMark?
My favorite part of working at CheckMark is that there is never a dull moment. Whether it's handling massive changes in tax laws, or suffering the latest office prank, there's always something to keep you on your toes.
3) What random talent or skill do you have?
I can solve a Rubik's Cube in under 2 minutes. Not terribly exciting, but fairly random at least.
4) What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?
Masking tape is absolutely the best tape for creating sculptures. Masking tape, with it's paper-like qualities, is far more malleable than plastic-based tapes such as packing tape, and can be easily molded into basic shapes. Masking tape also has less adhesive than most other tapes, and is easier to tear, making it a much simpler material to work.

Tips From Our Support Team

To Access Prior Year Payroll Files after Converting to 8.2.x
When you install the new Payroll program, it does not overwrite or delete your old version of Payroll. The reason for this is so you can still access your prior years information with the old version.
This is necessary because once you’ve converted your current year payroll files to the new 8.2.x version, you can no longer go under the File menu and choose the Year command to get to the previous years payroll.  The new program only converts the current year.
The previous years are still available to you by accessing the old files using the old version of the program. If you don’t see the old shortcut/alias on your desktop or dock, you can still access it by following the path to where it resides. If, when you installed the old version, it installed to the default location, below is where you can find it:

Windows:   C:/Program Files/Payroll       - the application is the “pay” or “pay.exe”
Mac:   Hard Drive/Applications/Payroll 8.1ƒ      - the application is the “CheckMark Payroll”
 Keep in mind the “OLD” application has the red checkmark in the icon. Old PR icon
And the “NEW” application has the green checkmark. Payroll JPG 256x256
You can recreate a shortcut/alias to put back on your desktop or dock if you think you’ll need to be accessing 2010 and earlier data frequently. Once you open the application, if you had the preference set to “Open Last Company on Launch”, the last set of files you had open with this version will open up. If not, you would go under File to Open Company or Open Recent Company and locate the company files you wish to open. If you can’t find the files, you can use the “Find Company” command to locate the files and open them.
If you did not let the old program install to the default location, you will have to search your drive for the “pay” or “pay.exe” (Windows) or the “CheckMark Payroll” (Mac) to find where it’s located.

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