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A Word from Our CEO

October 2011
Everyone at CheckMark is working hard to make the 2012 versions of Payroll, MultiLedger, and 1099 applications more robust, secure, scalable, and extensible. Very soon, you will be able to purchase the 2012 versions and enjoy the new features, which are detailed in the newsletter. Please check the new Operating System requirements for the new version.
I am sure you are aware that more changes in tax laws are coming. Rest assured CheckMark is carefully monitoring all state and federal payroll tax changes that could impact your withholdings and payroll tax limits. We always release new patches and updated payroll tables as soon as the changes happen and it is more important than ever to run the latest version and purchase an annual tech support plan.
In response to requests from new and existing customers alike, CheckMark opened a new division in 2011, CheckMark Payroll Services. Now employers nationwide have three CheckMark payroll service options and can take advantage of our 27 years of payroll knowledge and experience. Read the newsletter and discover how to earn CheckMark Dollars for referrals. Employers running the current version of our payroll software can switch without incurring any setup fees.
The fourth quarter is here. We are looking forward to serving you during the coming weeks, which is the busiest time of the year for most of you and for us. Thank you for being our customer and please let us know what we can do to make our products, services, and support work better for you.
Best regards.
Mohammed Ghani
President and CEO

Payroll Services Launched Nationwide

We’re excited to announce our nationwide launch of CheckMark Payroll Services! CheckMark Payroll Software is still our core- in fact, we use it for our Payroll Services! Payroll Services come in three, customizable levels. At the top is the full-fledged Pay & File Complete which includes all payroll tax filing and access to the HR Center online to help you stay in compliance. Pay & File Pro offers the same benefits as Pay & File Complete without the online HR Center access. Basic Payroll is for the more hands-on employer and calculates your payroll and provides the numbers for your to file your payroll taxes on your own. If your family or friends are looking for a personal payroll service provider, please recommend us!

2012 Payroll 8.2 Features

Payroll 8.2 is the best yet! We’ve taken into account a lot of user-requested features and have some exciting new additions for 2012! • Switch between companies with a click of a button, instead of searching for them. • Latest version will be checked automatically on launch- no more missed patches or updates! • Automatic backup of your program is created when you close the program, instead of doing it manually. No more lost data. • Addition of DD and EE for W2 Box 12 Code. • Employee name is highlighted when you enter hours. • Bottom check format added. • Two signature line option for all check formats. • Enhanced encryption features to make data more secure. • Password characters increased to 40 characters from 6. • Automatic tax table updates for federal, state and local taxes, as well as pre-defined incomes, deductions, and hour categories without needing a patch (internet users). • New reports: Posting Summary report, ACH NPC Direct Deposit report, and New Posting Summary spreadsheet report

Meet a CheckMark Employee- Patty

1) How long have you been working at CheckMark and what is your role?
I've been working for CheckMark since April 5, 2010

2) What is your favorite part of working at CheckMark?
Love the small family type atmosphere and how we all help one another out.

3) What random talent or skill do you have?
*I'm disciplined - I have the ability to keep on task and complete projects without becoming distracted or bored. :)

4) What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?
* If I were making a tape sculpture I would make it out of heavy duty duct tape, I used it to hoist up my boobs during the prom and it actually worked, job well done thanks to the good ole adhesive.


Tips From Our Support Team

Beat The Support Rush. Payroll update is coming soon! Don't wait to install your update in December and January. Do it now!!! This year the new program will change to a database format which will allow you to access your companies with greater ease- there will be some extra steps converting your files this year.
Beat the rush, avoid long support waits....install the update as soon as you receive it!
You can install the update and continue working on your 2011 files with no problem because we will release a patch later in the year with the new tax tables for 2012.

Reminder to all Software Users
In order to best support our customers and to make the best program possible, we have minimum operating requirements for your operating systems. Make sure you are keeping up with our software’s operating requirements.
Current Versions:
MultiLedger 10.4, Windows 2000 and up
Payroll 10.4, Windows 2000 and up
1099 10.5, Windows XP and up

WARNING! The operating specifications will be changing for the 2012 versions:
MultiLedger 10.5, Windows XP Service Pack 3 and up
Payroll 10.5, Windows XP Service Pack 3 and up
1099 10.5, Windows XP Service Pack 3 and up

Make sure you are always running the latest patch on your programs and using an operating system we support and your program should always run smoothly.
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