4rd Quarter Newsletter

A Word From Our CEO | 2013 Updates Are Available | Sneak Peek- Software Update Features | Services Update & Meet a CheckMark Employee: Chris K | Tips from Our Support Team

A Word from Our CEO

October 2012
The third quarter at CheckMark was a very busy one. We have been putting the final touches on our 2013 software updates and testing, testing, testing to be sure we provide top-level software. I think you’ll be pleased with seeing many of the payroll software features you’ve been asking for with the 2013 release. Based on feedback, we’ve now included 30-minutes of Basic Support with every update purchase, to make sure you get the help you need when you need it. We hope that this will kickstart your new year with ease.

In December we plan to launch a new website that's easier to read, easier to navigate, and provides quick access to log-in and information you need. Stay tuned for deatils!
Mohammed Ghani
President and CEO



2013 Updates are Available!

Oh yeah! It’s that time of year again already! 2013 versions of our software have been released and these babies are full of new features you’ve been asking for. If you purchase today, you can install now and it won’t affect your 2012 payrolls. Skip the end of year stress, get your update purchased and installed and enjoy smooth sailing for the end of the year. 

Sneak Peek: Software Update Features

Please note that we are pre-selling updates currently. The update you currently will receive will include year-end forms. The feature changes will come with a patch due December-January. Purchasing and installing now will not effect 2012. 

Payroll Software
• More Additional Incomes! Now assign up to 8 Additional Incomes per employee.
• Added Deductions! Add double the deduction categories per employee as before, up to 16.

• Increased number of Hour Accruals! Now track up to 6 accruals for each employee.
• More Hour Categories per company! Track up to 12 hour categories for the entire company.
• Local Tax categories have also increased for the company. Each company can have a total up to 50 local tax categories.
• The number of State Tax categories has increased for the company. Now add up to 200 categories for the company.
• Adjustable window and font sizes! Now customize your viewing experience that best fits your screen and overall preference.
• Do you like color choices? In addition to adjusting the window and font sizes, experiment with your favorite colors by changing the command screen to a dashing red or a sultry blue. Pick a color that matches your shirt or one that reflects your mood. You can change and customize the color of the command screen to enhance your viewing experience even more.
• Comments, Comments, Comments! The comment field under the Employee Setup screen now handles up to 32,000 characters.
• Easy Open! Now open any company, in any database you want simply by selecting Open Company from the File menu. No longer required to switch to different databases using the database manager.
• Easy New Setup! Copy set up data for a new company from any database in your list.

• Save Information Anywhere! Enhanced "first-time" setup allows the user to save information anywhere on the local hard drive, instead of being forced to any particular location.
MultiLedger Software
• 2012 1099 MISC Form and e-File
• Prints 2012 1099-MISC 4up on blank sheets and 1099 MISC 2up on preprinted forms

These features will be added in a patch by January 1, 2013:
• Prompt before delete preference: A new option in Preferences to have an alert pop up before deleting information from MultiLedger. Prevents accidental deletions.
• Out of Balance warning: A new option in Preferences to have a warning message to let users know when reports or journals are out of balance to help prevent issues when closing years. Prevents out-of-balance journals and reports!
• Turn off page number option: A new option in Preferences to turn off the page number from printing so you can use your own forms.
1099 Software
• 2012 1099 Forms and e-File
• Allow users to "Import from prior year" any time, instead of only giving them the option once when they first run 1099.
• Runs 1099-Misc, Div, Int, R & S Forms.
• Handles paper copies and electronic filing.
• Imports CheckMark Payroll employee data.
• Utilizes the latest database technology. No database server is required.
• Data entry screen is similar to the 1099 Form.
• Fast. Data can be imported from text files or keyed in manually.
• Allows preview of data before you print.
• Single-user capable; install locally and share data files over a local network.
• Sensitive data is encrypted for confidentiality.
• Windows® and Macintosh®
• Handles unlimited companies and unlimited recipients
• Includes PDF User Manual and tech support for the filing year.


Payroll Services

If you find yourself running out of time to continue to handle your payroll, don’t worry! You can get top-notch Payroll Service from CheckMark. We can handle as much or as little of your payroll as you like with any of our customizable services. Call 800.444.9922 and find out how you can get your first month free!

HR Demos Are Flying In!

We’ve been getting tons of requests for the free demo for our Online HR Access Center- a great resource to supplement your HR department too! If you would like a demo too, just reply or request a demo online.

Did You Know We Have Time Clock too?

You may not have known but we also offer a variety of Time Clock solutions. If you would like a demo too, just reply or request a demo online.

Meet a CheckMark Employee- Chris K

1) How long have you been working at CheckMark and what is your role?
I've been working at CheckMark since January 2010. Some of my roles include: IT director (a.k.a. IT Micro Manager), NFL Football Pool Coordinator, Bowling Shark, and Sam's Club Snack Runner Co-Chair.

2) What is your favorite part of working at CheckMark?
Three things: 1) pizza and pong fridays, 2) being part of the checkmark extended family, and 3) commuting to work by bike!

3) What random talent or skill do you have?
I know the peak position of most top 10 songs from the 1980's and sometimes how long they were there… Physical (ONJ)- 10 weeks at #1; Bette Davis Eyes (Kim Carnes)- 9 non-consecutive weeks at #1; Take It on the Run (REO) #5; I Won't Hold You Back (Toto) #10

4) What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?
Masking, without a doubt!!


Tips From Our Support Team

Top Questions of the Quarter

Should I wait to update my software to the 2013 version until the end of the year? I don't want to mess up my files and I still have 2012 payrolls to run!

Nope! There really isn't a reason to wait to download the 2013 software. The 2013 version of CheckMark Payroll is a completely separate application that will install side-by-side with your current version of Payroll, leaving 2012 information completely unaffected. So you will still have access to 2012 forms and the appropriate tax rates will continue to be applied, just keep using CheckMark Payroll 2012 until the end of the year! When you are ready to start processing payroll for 2013, just launch the 2013 version of Payroll and select 'Start New Year 2013' from the File menu. Your company information will be imported into the 2013 version of Payroll, and you can begin processing payroll for 2013 with the new tax rates. Beat the rush, get the new update installed to your liking before the busy holiday season!

Last year I struggled getting the update installed. What can I expect this year?
Rest assured, you don't have to worry about conversions again! The update process has been streamlined, making installation a breeze. It's always a good idea to get updated and installed before the New Year starts in case you run into questions or need help.

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