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Consultant Application

Please complete this Application, read the Agreement carefully, sign and return to CheckMark, Inc. If the Application is declined, CheckMark will return this Application, Agreement, and total payment with an explanation.

Company Information


Mailing Address


Shipping Address

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Contact Information

Windows Mac

Types of businesses you serve (check all that apply)

Medical Manufaturing Non-Profit Dist/Wholesaler Legal
Govt. Agencies Service Retail Restaurant Other

Your Professional Designation (check all that apply)

CPA Accountant Bookkeeper Other

Services you render (check all that apply)

Software evaluations and recommendations Software installation, setup and training
Monthly bookkeeping/accounting services Network Installations
Software sales Other

Products from CheckMark, Inc.

After paying the renewal, you will receive the following at no additional cost until your annual membership expires:

  • Payroll* for Windows & Mac (Consultant Copy)
  • Software updates
  • Wholesale pricing (For new only)
  • MultiLedger* for Windows & Mac (Consultant Copy)
  • Tax table updates
  • Free Pro+ Support (Consultant Copy)
  • 50% off 1099 Program (Consultant Copy)
  • 50% off 1095 Program(Consultant Copy)

*These evaluation Not For Resale (NFR) copies are downloadable and include a PDF manual

Annual Consultant Agreement

This Agreement is between CheckMark , Inc. of 323 W Drake Rd, Ste 100, Fort Collins, CO 80526 and , as named on Application and herein referred to as Consultant. Consultant wishes to be considered as a consultant and will provide consulting services and may resell CheckMark products in United States and/or Canada according to the terms and conditions below.

Consultant is an independent contractor and has no authority to create any obligation on the part of CheckMark to any third party. Under no circumstances shall CheckMark be liable for any misleading representations, act, mission, debt or other obligation of Consultant.

Consultant has the option of purchasing and reselling only certain CheckMark products as listed on the current Consultant/Reseller Order Form. Purchases must be made with CheckMark and registered for customer at time of purchase. CheckMark is not providing Consultant an exclusive territory. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Consultant shall be responsible for sales tax, franchise, use, value added, and similar taxes and shall provide CheckMark with an appropriate Reseller State Tax Number, if applicable.

If exporting products outside the USA, Consultant agrees that it is responsible for obtaining required government documents and approvals prior to its export of any Products, and for paying fees, duties and taxes, if necessary.

Consultant may use CheckMark Software's logos and trademarks relating to the CheckMark products for promotion and display purposes to help make sales, and CheckMark reserves the right to approve or not approve all such uses.

Membership in the CheckMark Consultant Program is for up to one year starting with the date of approval of your application and will require a renewal fee at the expiration of your annual date. Free Pro+ Support by phone is only available to the member named as the Consultant in this application.

Consultant Certification:

By signing this Agreement, Consultant certifies that he/she is a professional accountant or small business consultant providing professional services to fee-paying customers, and that he/she is applying for membership in the CheckMark Consultant Program to provide clients with additional information and guidance on CheckMark Software. Consultant understands that any failure to adhere to the terms of this Agreement is grounds for immediate revocation of membership and refund of a prorated share of monies paid. Consultant understands that the CheckMark evaluation products provided are not-for-resale (NFR) copies and are for Consultant’s use only. And that the software and subsequent updates provided cannot be installed at a client’s location and cannot be registered under any other company name.

Consultant hereby agrees to the terms and conditions of this Consultant Agreement.

Directory Information Request

(for Active Consultants only)

CheckMark provides each active Consultant space in our Consultant Directory, which appears on our website. Please provide a suitable description in the box below or on a separate page.

In 200 words or less, please describe yourself and the services offered. Provide your background, strengths, services offered, year your business was started, and your experience with CheckMark products. Write in the third person. We reserve the right to edit your description.