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MultiLedger 7.9.0 Change Log

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Please note: You need to have version 7.9.0 or later of CheckMark MultiLedger already installed to run the latest patch.

What's included in each MultiLedger 7.9.0 patch?

Changes in MultiLedger 7.9.4

  • Correction to Budget Import List.

Changes in MultiLedger 7.9.3

  • Fixed Transaction month dropdown issue.

Changes in MultiLedger 7.9.2

  • Correction to 1099 pre-printed form.

Changes in MultiLedger 7.9.1

  • If printing 1099/1096 you need to reset the format for these forms.
  • Go to "File" and select the "Format" option.
  • In Format you will see two items you will need to reset. One is the 1099 and the other is the 1096.
  • For Mac you will use the Key : Command
  • For Windows you will the Key: Control
  • Hold your "Key" down while you click on Default 1096. Do the same for 1099. You have now reset both forms and they should print correct.

Changes in MultiLedger 7.9.0

  • Added the ability to import Setup information as well as Transactions in a .csv file format. Many banks only export in .csv format, so you can create a .csv file from the bank website And import into your companies MultiLedger files. If you have automatic transactions, You can import these so you don't have to manually enter them one at a time.
  • Added the ability to export Setup information as well as Transactions in a .csv file format. Many mailing stores prefer to have a mailing list in a .csv file format. This allows you to do That as well as being able to export anything else in that format if needed.
  • Updated forms in the program for 2016 1099 Tax Filing
  • Updated form in the program for 2016 1096 Tax Filing
  • Updated Electronic formatting in the program for 2016 1099 Tax Filing