4th Quarter Newsletter 2015

4th Quarter Newsletter 2015

A Word from Our CEO: October 2015

It is starting to get cold and winter is coming. As we get into the last quarter and towards the end of the calendar year, the most trending question is about who needs to file for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). There seems to be a lot of confusion. Our analysts have done their homework and come up with what they believe are the correct guidelines for small to medium businesses:

"Employers who have more than 50 employees and Self-Insured 
Employers are required to send Form 1095-C to all Employees 
and the corresponding Form 1094-C to the IRS."

The good news is that many of our small business customers are not required to do anything related to the ACA. For those that do, CheckMark is in the process of creating a 1095 application that will facilitate in printing and filing these forms on paper or electronically. Please let us know if you have a need.

I am happy to tell you that CheckMark has completed our 31 years serving customers like you and we are tirelessly working to innovate and further develop our flagship products that assist you in your business.

I am also delighted to inform you that CheckMark Payroll Software has been included among the Top 10 Payroll Softwares in the US by HR Tech Outlook Magazine. We are very thankful to all of you without whom this would have been impossible.

Last but not the least, the 2016 versions and updates of our flagship products CheckMark Payroll, MultiLedger, and 1099 software are ready. We have tried to make your year-end processes easy and the transition to the New Year as smooth as possible.

As always, please send me your feedback and your occasional complain. I love hearing from you and knowing what is on your mind.

With warm wishes for a joyous and prosperous holiday season.

Mohammed Ghani

President and CEO


CheckMark recognized as one of the Top 10 Payroll Software Companies in the USA

HR Tech Outlook a premium professional-HR magazine has recognized CheckMark as one of the Top 10 Payroll Software Companies in the USA for small and medium size businesses. CheckMark Payroll was chosen based on its comprehensive functionality, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. Check out the details here.

Payroll, MultiLedger and 1099 updates for 2016

Announcing the availability of the 2016 versions and annual updates of our Payroll, MultiLedger, and 1099 software. The new versions and updates contain new tax tables, new forms, enhancements, and bug fixes…Read More

Why Small Business should use Cloud Computing

The way information technology has transformed the world, cloud computing is poised to take it even further and radically change the way businesses operate and deliver. IT experts round the globe consider cloud computing as one robust environment that would enable the businesses to be faster, cheaper, portable and safer, be it large enterprises, medium size businesses or small businesses. Read More

 5 Ways to set Small Business Goals

Setting goals and moving forward has always been a tough call, business goals are no different. Putting it all together on paper being the easy part, implementation and taking action for the same may take a back seat owing to procrastination or something else. Some may also call the art of formulating the goals as a total waste of time and frustrating exercise as one never achieves those no matter what. Read More

3rd Quarter Newsletter 2015

3rd Quarter NewsLetter -CheckMark Inc

A Word from Our CEO:

July 2015

Dear Customers,
Wow, how quickly time goes by! We are over halfway through 2015 and there is a lot happening at CheckMark. We are diligently working on enhancements of our flagship products, Payroll, MultiLedger, and 1099 for 2016.  We are also working on the development of a new 1095 reporting software application, which is due for release later this year.  This new application will help you with all your reporting needs with the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA).  We will provide you with more information on this soon.

As always, we are watching what new legislation and changes are being proposed so we can incorporate them as soon as they are passed.

You may be hearing a lot about software in the “Cloud”.  We have been researching this for some time and have decided that the cloud technologies have finally become mature and secure for our use. CheckMark is partnering with Microsoft to build a version of our software applications in this environment. The cloud environment will allow the applications to be securely used from desktops and laptops, as well as mobile devices like iPads and Tablets from any location where an internet connection is available.

We will of course, continue to enhance and provide our current desktop applications. In fact, we are exploring ideas on how we can incorporate and leverage the cloud technologies for the desktop applications. Watch for some new features being offered soon.

We will continue to do what we do best – developing state-of-the-art software products and services that provide value to our small & midsize business customers across the US and Canada.

Thank you and best regards,

Mohammed Ghani
President and CEO


Now is a good time to switch accounting software
If you are not using MultiLedger yet, mid-year is an easy time to switch accounting packages. MultiLedger can handle your small business bookkeeping, invoicing, payables, track inventory, job cost, monitor cash flow, get up-to-the-minute reports, and much more in one sleek package. Check out our free demo and see for yourself!

Payroll Support Tip

New sick pay law implemented by California – 07/01/2015
The new Sick Pay law establishes a minimum requirement, but an employer can provide sick leave through its own plan or establish different plans for different categories of workers. However, each plan must satisfy the accrual, carryover and use requirements of the law or put the full amount of leave into your leave bank at the beginning of each year in accordance with the PTO policy. Read More

How to Close Your MultiLedger Year & Make a Backup

July 1 is the start of the close year for most users. If you have 30 months open it may be time to close the year. When you close the year it will close the first 12 months and open 12 more. The instructions on closing your year can be found in the Help menu of the program, in the MultiLedger Manual; Chapter 10 “Closing the Year”.

Please make backups before closing your year. You should be doing this as often as you are willing to re-enter your information, at least weekly, if not daily. Go to the file menu of the program to “Backup Company”. We do not support any other backups other than our own. Even if you have your own system backing up your hard drive you need to use our backup system. The other backup systems do not always work correctly and we often see people lose years of information because they are not using our backup function in the program. It is best to save your backups off of your computer’s hard drive in case the computer crashes. We recommend saving to a server or a flash drive.


HR Support Center is a great resource for many of your HR needs. Access to this website allows you to look up recent and old laws regarding HR processes for both Federal and State. You also have access to HR templates for employee handbooks and other HR correspondences. This is a great solution to help you understand and manage your HR compliance and employee relations questions. The HR On-demand option allows you to directly ask HR-pros for help in looking over documentation or specific questions on how to deal with certain situations.


Swipeclock is a great way to automate the time keeping aspect of your business and help streamline your payroll process. You can minimize human error, eliminate paper, have employees clock-in via time clocks, web or even mobile phones. Swipeclock offers real time reporting, scheduling, time accruals, and many other features. You can easily import the hours from Swipeclock into CheckMark Payroll. This program is easy to set up and use. All you need to do is plug in and sign on, there’s no programming needed.

For more details or to order this or any of our other products and services, please give us a call at 1-800-444-9922 / 1-970-225-0522.

2nd Quarter Newsletter 2015

      2nd Quarter Newsletter 2015

A Word from Our CEO                                                                             

March 2015

Thanks to all of you, our valued customers, CheckMark is now in its 31st year in business.  In the computer software industry, this is a very long time and a lot has changed since our humble inception in 1984. We have certainly grown in size and gained a lot of experience; however, our values have remained the same.  Working with our many small and medium size business customers to ensure that we provide high quality and efficient software products & services is still and will remain our primary focus.

As we grow, we are hiring new staff members to join our talented team, which will allow us to offer more and state-of-the-art products and services to our current and prospective clients. We are increasing our social media presence to establish a better relationship with our clients and community, as well as to network and develop key relationships with IT professionals around the globe. We are broadening our recruitment methods to reach a larger audience of prospective employees with all types of educational and technical backgrounds.

We hope that our hard work pays off and we develop and maintain a positive reputation in the business and software products world. We will continue to provide products and services that help and provide value to small & midsize business. We will live up to our high company standards and with your support have another prosperous and positive year.

Your feedback and input is essential to us – we want to keep building products and services that meet your expectations and needs.
Thank you.

Best regards,

Mohammed Ghani

President and CEO.

HR SUPPORT CENTER HR Support Center is a great help for many of your HR needs. Access to this website allows you to look up recent and old laws regarding HR processes for both Federal and State. You also have access to HR templates for employee handbooks and other HR correspondences. The HR On-demand option allows you to directly ask HR-pros for help looking over documentation or specific questions on how to deal with certain instances
SWIPECLOCKSwipeclock is a great way to automate the time keeping portion of your business and help streamline your payroll process. You can minimize human error, eliminate paper, have employees clock-in via time clocks, web or even mobile phones. Swipeclock offers real time reporting, scheduling, time accruals, and many other features. This is an easy to set up program. All you need to do is plug in and sign on, there’s no programming needed.For more details or to order this service please give us a call at 1-800-444-9922.

Tips from the Support Department

If you’re having problems printing your 1st Quarter 941, please see the tips below:
Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest 15.0.7 patch of Payroll from our website http://www.checkmark.com/downloads.php#payroll.
  • Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Adobe Reader from Adobe’s website and have it set as the default reader (this is a free download) https://get.adobe.com/reader/.
  • If you’re on windows, in a network environment and are using Adobe Reader 11, you need to check your Preferences in Adobe Reader. Choose Edit/Preferences and select “Security (Enhanced)”, then UNCHECK the “Enable Protected Mode at Start up.” You may need to quit out of Adobe and Payroll and reopen them to have the change take effect.
  • If you’re on Mac and are getting a page of text instead of the form, it means you don’t have Adobe Reader set as the default and it’s coming up in Preview. You need to make sure you install the most recent version of Adobe Reader and set it as the default reader.
  • If you need to print Schedule B of your 941 form & it’s not coming up, make sure you have selected Box 16 on the pop-up window to indicate you are a Semi-weekly depositor and need to print Schedule B.
For other tips on the 941, please go to the Knowledge Base on our website http://www.checkmark.com/knowledgebase.php, select Payroll in the Products and enter 941 in the search text. This will bring up several articles that may address any problems you’re having.
If you don’t find your solution in the Knowledge Base, please call support at 970-225-0387 or submit a support request online on our website http://www.checkmark.com/login.php.
Did you know that CheckMark publishes articles that are relevant to Small Businesses on a periodic basis?Some of our noteworthy titles include:

  1. Health Insurance Marketplace is Open- What Now?
  2. How do you Feel About Your Business’s Future?
  3. Pros and Cons of Payroll Software versus Services
  4. Business Strategy From the Inside Out
  5. 10 Signs You Should Invest In Payroll Service

To make sure you get these articles, please sign-up here



1st Quarter 2015 Newsletter

A Word from our CEO

We hope your holiday season and New Year was filled with countless moments of laughter and joy (and business success!). Now is the time many begin again to focus on their business by preparing for growth for 2015 along with preparing for the upcoming tax season. With this year’s program updates, our Payroll and 1099 Software were able to take into consideration many of your requests for ease-of-use and additional functionality. With our enhanced software development team, we look to further develop some of those long-standing software requests for a bigger and brighter future with CheckMark, Inc.

As always, if you are looking to change things up for your business, our Payroll Services is becoming quite a popular option for those looking for a less hands-on option.

If you have any feedback, positive or negative, or suggestions for the future, please do send them our way. Even if we are unable to implement them in the next year’s version, we do take them into account for the short, medium and long term of our product planning.

Best regards.

Mohammed Ghani
President and CEO

2014 Q4 Newsletter

  4th Quarter Newsletter 2014

A Word from Our CEO

October 201430_1 2

Year end is back again! Our 30th anniversary year is flying by. We look forward to many more!

2014 has been a year of change for CheckMark, Inc. and we have a lot of surprises up our sleeves in the upcoming years. In the meantime, I believe you’ll be impressed with the rich, additional features of Payroll for 2015, along with additional changes for MultiLedger and 1099, available now.

As always, we love your feedback and seek to make this the best software for small business owners on the market at the most affordable price.

Mohammed Ghani

President and CEO


In Case You Missed It: 2015 Software New Features

CheckMark Payroll

  • New Restricted Second Password: Now with the ability to enter a second password that limits access to only the Distribute Hours and Enter Hours screens for data entry.
  • New Report Check Register Summary: Quickly access summary totals for Income, Taxes, Deductions and Net Totals in numeric order.
  • New link to 941 mailing addresses (Federal Tax Reports Screen): Now easily reference those needed addresses.
  • Added Pay Period dates in the Check Detail reports found under the Earnings Register screen.
  • Check Register now shows 941/943 payment for better clarification that this number includes both payments.
  • Current tax tables and forms for the entire 2015 calendar year.
  • Free Basic Support to ensure you have a trouble free installation and easy transition into the new year.

CheckMark MultiLedger

  • 2014 1099-MISC Form and e-File.
  • Updated formatting for 2014 1099-MISC on blank sheets.
  • New Summary report to help you reconcile your 1096 totals in Box 5 without having to physically print all reports first.
  • With the update you also receive a free Basic Support package. Have peace of mind knowing our tech support team is there when you need us.
  • Same lightening fast speed and user friendly experience you’ve known for years.

CheckMark 1099 Software

  • 2014 1099 Forms and e-File requirements.
  • New 1099 INT Form printing! Now print recipient and payer copies for 1099 INT on 4-up blank perforated sheets. One sheet per vendor.
  • New Summary report to help you reconcile your 1096 totals in Box 5 for MISC, INT, DIV, R & S forms.
  • Import prior year data for faster processing.
  • Import new data with an easy-to-use import screen using a tab-delimited text file.
  • Preview data before you print to ensure accuracy.
  • Handles any number of companies and an unlimited number of recipients.
  • Support included with your purchase for the filing year!

Payroll Software versus Service

Choosing between Payroll Software and Payroll Services is a tough choice every business owner has to face at some point. There are three main methods of running payroll for the small business owner: manually, a DIY software, or a payroll service. While running payroll manually is not recommended, payroll software and payroll services each hold their own pros and cons making your payroll processing method a personal business choice:

Payroll Software Pros: 

  • Control- you have control of all the details of running payroll, creating and viewing reports, and paying employees and payroll taxes.
  • Cost- usually less than you’d spend on payroll services.
  • Time Savings- compared to manually running payroll, you save a lot of time with software.
  • Security- someone hacking in and stealing your payroll information is less likely when you have control.
  • More data- you have easy access to any and all payroll data at any time.

Payroll Software Cons: 

  • Time- running payroll takes time. If you make a mistake you could spend a lot of hours trying to fix it.
  • Staff- it takes time AND manpower to run payroll. Depending on your company size or complexity, payroll can take a lot of manpower to run in-house.
  • Errors- In-house payroll accuracy cannot be guaranteed so you are more at risk for IRS penalties.
  • Up-front Investment- some payroll software comes with a hefty price tag. Annual fees are something to take into consideration too when evaluating overall cost.
  • Learning curve- DIY software can be complex and the learning curve could be steep.

Payroll Service Pro: 

  • Time savings- You save a lot of time in comparison to manual methods and payroll software.
  • Free Up Staff Time- Payroll services opens up more time for employees to focus on other areas of your business.
  • Cost effective- Payroll Services are cost effective for many companies after you add up the software costs and the staff costs to run it.
  • Accuracy Guaranteed- Payroll services often guarantee accuracy of their payroll processing which reduces your liability for mistakes.

Payroll Service Cons: 

  • Cost- Payroll Services often cost more than payroll software methods.
  • Less nimble- You don’t have access to as much data as you want, when you want it.
  • Less control- you sign up for a service with set offerings.
  • Expectations versus reality for service- might not be the same.
  • Data security- although companies put a lot of effort into data security, it is more at risk when outsourcing.
  • Initial cost- Set up costs for services can be expensive.

If you are going back and forth between Payroll Software or Payroll Service, give us a call at 800-444-9922 and we are happy to help you with that decision!

Order Forms in the Mail

Order forms for 2015 went out last week so you should be expecting them at any time now. You are always able to order onlinedownload and mail in our online order form, order over the phone at 800-444-9922, or wait for your mailed order form to arrive. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email us at info@checkmark.com

CheckMark’s Services Revisited

Looking for change in 2015? Outsourcing services can be a huge time saver and ultimately can save you money. CheckMark offers customizable Payroll Services run by a certified payroll specialist assigned to you. We also have a multitude of Time Clock options and our Online HR Center to keep you in compliance with regulations. Request a FREE demo today!

Tips From Our Support Team

Top Tips of the Quarter

Watch for End of Year Patches for Tax Forms

Keep an eye out for patches soon to come. They will update the 940 and the W2/W3’s. Remember instructions on printing your W2/W3’s can be found under the help menu of your program. Always look at your forms and make sure everything seems correct before mailing out.

New computer? Let us know!

Needing to update your computer? Just let us know and we can send you your CheckMark program installers. We can also assist you with migrating your data from the old computer to the new. Call 800-444-9922 or email us at info@checkmark.com and we are happy to help!

4th Quarter 2013 Newsletter

A Word from Our CEO October 2013

This past quarter has been full up big ups and big downs. CheckMark is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and all around us, including neighboring towns, there has been major flooding with thousands losing their homes and businesses and several losing their lives. We feel so fortunate Fort Collins had the infrastructure to handle the flooding in our own area after a devasting flood hit our town in 1997. Our hearts are with our neighbors as Colorado moves forward to rebuild and grow from this tragedy.

On a bright note, our 2014 software updates have arrived full of so many of your ideas. As always, we welcome your feedback on our software so we can continue to better tailor it for a superior user experience. Year’s End is also a great time to switch to CheckMark Payroll Services, if your New Year’s Resolution includes freeing up some of your valuable time. Contact us for a quote.

Best regards.

Mohammed Ghani

President and CEO

News2014 CheckMark Payroll Updates: Your requests fulfilled

We’ve added a bunch of your ideas for 2014! View the full list of new features here and order the 2014 today! Here are some of the features you can look forward to:

  • Enhanced Quickbooks Integration.
  • More more more: More Hour categories, jobs, deductions, additional incomes, hour rates, and direct deposit allocations.
  • Enhanced Viewing.
  • New! Company Activity Log.
  • Enhanced “Next Period” functionality in Calculate Pay.
  • Better Employer Match features.
  • Social Security Number security.
  • Enhanced distributions.
  • More Import/Export options and enhanced New Company functionality.
  • Improved keyboard navigation.
  • Variable amount deduction enhancement.
  • Improved tax table update notification.

Chester CheckMark 2

2014 CheckMark MultiLedger 

CheckMark Multiledger 7.6 is now also available with these great new features! Order today.

  • New Email Invoice with CheckMark’s template: Adds a professional look when emailing invoices to your customers.
  • 2013 1099-MISC form and efile.
  • Print 2013 1099-MISC form on blank sheets.
  • Compatible with anticipated launch of Mac OS X Mavericks software and Windows 8.1.
2014 1099 Software

CheckMark 1099 Software is now available with the following features. Order the Efile or Print version today!

  • 2013 1099-MISC efile or print on blank sheets.
  • 2013 1099-INT, -DIV, -S, and -R efile or use preprinted forms
  • Includes new field changes to the 2013 forms.

Don’t  forget to order your forms or learn more about CheckMark’s forms: W-2s, 1099s, and 1096s.

Services Save Time

Did this year get too crazy at your business? Give yourself a holiday gift…New Years is a good time to switch to Payroll Services. Learn more about our different levels of services here or get a free quote and get started! Our Time Clock and online HR department are also great time saving resources! 

Bike Season Recap & Final iPod Giveaway

If you remember from last time, one of CheckMark’s marketing employees, Whitney races bicycles professionally for Colavita-Fine Cooking Professional Women’s Cycling Team as a domestique (read: worker). Her season has come to a close with a bang with a trip to Las Vegas (Sept 19th) and Boston (Sept 21st) and we thank you for following along.  To review the season and win a chance at our final monthly iPod shuffle drawing, visit www.checkmark.com/cycling. Previous winners are Tracey B, Kimberley D, and Davy L.

Tips from the Support TeamTop Questions of the Quarter

What do I do if I need to see 2012 Payroll? 

Thats fine, just open the 2012 Application. This link will give you more detailed information based on each operating system.

Hey Mulitledger users…
Do you need to do other forms rather than 1099-MISC? Take a look at our 1099 program which offers many more options with easy import options. http://www.checkmark.com/1099.php

2013 Quarter 2 Newsletter

A Word from Our CEO

Mar 2013

About a month and half ago, I slipped while going from my house to the garage and broke my ankle pretty badly. I needed surgery, was in a cast and will be in a wheelchair for several more months. So, what does this have to do with Payroll and Accounting Software?

There are two major things – Cross-Training and Succession-Planning. Large companies have many talented people and spend time developing formal plans for succession. They can also afford to and should have employees cross-trained, though this does not happen all the time. So, my question to you is, are you prepared? If you are unable to work for a while, will your business keep on going?

I am very fortunate that CheckMark is large and we have three very competent Directors along with their wonderful staff, who have been running our company without a hitch while I recover.

Payroll and Accounting are both critical to the operation of a business. We have thousands of customers who use our software every year. Most of our customers are small businesses and some have only one person that knows how to do their payroll and accounting.. There are several ways to mitigate this. The best way is to have a couple of people capable of performing these tasks. This addresses both the issues of cross-training and succession-planning. The other way is to have coverage outside the business.

I am happy to let you know that CheckMark can perform your Payroll and your Accounting for you as a service, if needed. This is possible because we are offering Payroll Services and are in the process of starting to offer Accounting Services for clients nationwide. We use the same software that you use, so it is just a matter of getting your files to us (and our support staff will help you with this as well). Another reason that you – our most important customers can count on us in a time of need.

I wish you the best and hope you never get into a situation that you need to worry, but I hope you are always prepared.

Best regards.

Mohammed Ghani
President and CEO


Payroll Software 2014

Our software developers are currently planning what is going into the 2014 Payroll. Now that you’ve had a quarter to use the newly redesigned Payroll, what do you think? What additions would you like to see for 2014? Email us at info@checkmark.com with your ideas.

CheckMark’s Very Own Pro Bicycle Racer

CheckMark is excited to be supporting one of their own employees, Whitney Schultz, as she competes in the National Criterium Calendar in 2013 against the top ladies in the United States! Learn more about CheckMark’s partnership with her and her team, SkiNourishments p/b Paceline Projects, here and enter to win an iPod!

Payroll Services: Refer a Friend, Get $50 CheckMark Bucks

Refer a friend to CheckMark Payroll Services and if they sign up, we’ll send you $50 CheckMark Bucks to be used towards anything on our site- updates, software, checks, forms, tech support, etc. Encourage them to contact us and provide your name, oremail us now and when your friend signs up, we’ll send you the CheckMark Bucks automatically.

30-days Free Demo for Time & Attendance

You may not have known but we also offer a variety of Time Clock solutions. Web, fingerprint, PIN, badges- we have a wide variety of solutions to fit your needs! Now you can even test out our solutions with a 30-day Demo. Click here and get set up today! Need help or have questions? Email us at info@checkmark.com or call 800-444-9922.

Meet a CheckMark Employee- Pam B

1) How long have you been working at CheckMark and what is your role?
I am a Technical Support Representative at CheckMark.  I help answer our customers’ questions about installation and use of our programs.  I also process payroll and assist in our Payroll Services Department.  I have worked here for about a year and a half.

2) What is your favorite part of working at CheckMark?

I love helping our customers!  It’s very rewarding to make someone’s day a little better and to hear the relief in their voices when we are done.  That is my favorite part about what I do here at CheckMark.

3) What random talent or skill do you have?
I once flew solo in small airplanes and was on the verge of getting my pilot’s license.

4) What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?
Brightly colored electrical tape would be the best tape for creating a sculpture; however, I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.

Tips From Our Support Team

Top Questions of the Quarter

1)      I’m getting a Fraction of Cents on my Form 941. What does it mean and how do I fix it?

Fraction of cents on your 941 is a common issue we see during the 1st quarter. If you happen to get this error message, read the following link  from our knowledgebase that will give you some things to look at: http://www.checkmark.com/support/result_display.php?kbrecordid=K3K2Q731119

2)     How do I know what version of CheckMark Payroll I’m on?

If you are on Windows you go to the “Help” menu option on your toolbar to “About CheckMark Payroll”, which is the first option. This will show you what version of the program you are on so you know if you updated.

If you are on Mac you go to the “CheckMark Payroll” menu option on your toolbar to “About CheckMark Payroll”, which is the first option. This will show you what version of the program you are on so you know if you updated.