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CheckMark 1099 Software


1099 Software for Small Business

Finally, a simple, easy-to-use, affordable, professional-caliber 1099 Software! Choose from two versions, depending on your needs: E-File or Print for Windows® and Mac®.

Both versions handle 1099-MISC, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-R and 1099-S forms. Both versions will save you money: print 1099-MISC or 1099-INT on blank paper or pre-printed forms and the other 1099 types on pre-printed forms. Save time by importing data. Choose the E-file version to submit all data to the IRS electronically.

Before you can E-File, you must get Form 4419 from the IRS and submit the application to File Information Returns Electronically (FIRE).

The approval from the IRS can take up to 45 days, so make sure to apply early. Once you've received approval, you will need to setup an account on the IRS FIRE system in order to submit the electronic files for 1099s.

WYSIWIG data entry screens that look like an actual 1099 eliminate mistakes.

Ease your end-of-year burden with 1099 Software. Handles unlimited companies and unlimited recipients.

Here's What Sets CheckMark 1099 Software Apart

  • Print/E-File Unlimited 1099s and 1096s

    Print or E-File as many 1099 forms as you want, whenever you want for one flat price. No hidden costs or surprises.

  • Add Unlimited Companies and Recipients

    CheckMark 1099 software supports unlimited recipients and companies.

  • Choose the Print OR E-File Version

    You can choose either the print version or E-File version. NOTE: E-File version integrates with the IRS's FIRE electronic filing system, which requires an IRS Transmitter Control Code (TCC). Please apply early with the IRS at least 45 days prior to E-filing.

  • Always Up-To-Date

    CheckMark 1099 is includes the latest tax forms issued by the IRS. Our dedicated team of professionals monitors IRS Forms and guidelines throughout the year to ensure that our software is accurate and up-to-date.

  • Free Demo

    The Demo includes a sample company and recipients. You may print or create an E-File for any of the 1099 forms available, using the pre-loaded recipients and sample company.

  • Handles Multiple 1099 IRS Tax Forms

    Our program includes 1099-MISC, INT, DIV, S, and R Forms. You can print 1099-MISC recipient copies and payer copies on blank 4-up sheets or pre-printed forms.

  • World Class US-Based Support Team

    Our knowledgeable US-based support team is always willing to go the extra mile to keep your 1099 reporting smooth and error-free. You may reach us by phone, email or fax.

  • Data Import/Export

    Import employees and companies from CheckMark Payroll as well as vendors from CheckMark MultiLedger, or a Tab-delimited text file.

  • Data Backups

    Making backups is critical to protect your data. CheckMark 1099 allows you to quickly and easily back up your data.

  • Integrated Support Plans

    Your CheckMark 1099 software package allows you to choose the support plan that best suits your needs.

  • Windows and MAC Compatible

    CheckMark 1099 software is among the very few software available in the market that is Windows and Mac compatible.

  • Easy to use Database Manager

    Store and manage all of your company files in the same database, or create separate databases and store individual companies in them.

  • Multiple Users

    Set up password protected users and customize their level of access.

File your 1099s in 3 Easy Steps!

  • Add Company Set up your company and add the payer's name, federal ID, and other details to get started.
  • Add Recipients recipient information in a screen similar to the Form 1099.
  • Print or EFile 1099s Based on your requirements, print 1099 forms on blank paper or pre-printed forms (or) E-file directly to the IRS.

Here's How to Get Started!

1 Download and install the software

2 Setup company and recipient information

3 File your 1099s

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